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Saturday, June 2, 2012

This just in: Green backs Republicans for Freeholder!

The Assemblyman's mailer arrived in Friday's mail...

...asking folks to vote for newly minted 'Republicans'
Al Mirabella and Mohamed Jalloh.
Plainfield's Assemblyman Jerry Green backing Republicans? You gotta be kidding!

Well, sort of.

Jerry's mailer in support of the Regular Democratic Organization candidates came yesterday. Pretty straightforward stuff.

Front side has nice picture of President Obama and underneath it a group photo of the Assemblyman with our new Congressional representative, Rush Holt, and Congressman John Lewis of Georgia, head of the Congressional Black Caucus.

The back, where the candidates are listed, is more interesting.

There we learn that Alexander Mirabella and Mohammed Jalloh are running as REPUBLICANS.

I recognized the postal indicia as being that of a printer and mailing house of which I have some knowledge, and wonder where the gremlins got in, and whether someone is tweaking the Assemblyman on purpose.

At any rate, he is probably wishing someone had proofread the piece before it was mailed.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Bob said...

Many Democrats vote for Republican Freeholders since the Democrats have really ripped us off. I hope people vote with their brains and not the party line. That is what has gotten us in the pickle we're in.

Anonymous said...

Dan, we received two flyers in today's mail--one for Adrian Mapp, one for Veronica Taylor. While one side of each was devoted to the particular candidate (and the format was the same on both), the other side of both mailers (which had our address) was identical--both promoting Veronica Taylor--and both were paid for by "Veronica Taylor for Council." Was this merely a "typo," or was it simply an error by the printing/mailing house you mentioned?

Dan said...

@ 2:34 PM -- It was an error by the printer; see my Sunday post hete --