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Friday, June 1, 2012

Those involved in $1M PMUA payout back Rev. Tracey Brown

Former PMUA executive director Watson endorses both Rev. Brown
and Abdul-Haqq for City Council with signs on his Stelle Avenue property.

Though Plainfield City Council candidate Rev. Tracey Brown doesn't wish to discuss it, her role in not obstructing the $1 million cash payout to former PMUA executives has been duly noted by those executives and the PMUA commissioners who derailed the arbitration process in order to make the cash award.

Although Brown was not present and did not participate in the actual vote, she made no attempt to participate by phone (as her supporter Councilor Bridget Rivers frequently does with Council meetings) or to object to the settlement and the way in which it was reached.

[Consider this: The $1 million cash settlement was approved by a vote of 3-2, with Commissioners Mitchell and Brokaw voting NO and Commissisoners Dunn, Sanders and Toliver voting YES. If Rev. Brown had participated, Commissioner Sanders, as an alternate, could not have voted -- and the outcome would have depended on Rev. Brown's vote. Why didn't she participate -- even if by phone -- is a fair question, as hers would have been the deciding vote in a 2-2 standoff.]

Further, Brown previously made no effort to object to the four-year contract the executives drew up (as opposed to their previous yearly contracts), which provided the basis for such a generous settlement in the first place.

Those Christians who ask forgiveness weekly for 'things done and things left undone', are keenly aware that failing to do the right thing is as wicked as doing the evil thing.

But that is hardly a concern to those intent on plundering the public purse.

Nothing better expresses the thanks of the former executives and her fellow Commissioners to Brown in giving them free rein than to plunk her campaign signs in their front lawns.

See for yourself.

Former PMUA assistant executive director Ervin show this thanks
outside his East 7th Street home.

Commissioner Dunn, architect of the $1 million cash settlement,
shows his support with signs along his extensive Central Avenue frontage
(as does Commissioner Sanders on Allenwood Court).

Commissioner Toliver, who flipped his vote to support the $1 million payout,
shows his support at his Sumner Avenue home.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

good morning Dan, just curious why you didn't post any comments from yesterdays post?

Anonymous said...

Eric Watson along with Dunn and Haqq and Dan Williamson kept a free drinks for all or should I say a free for PMUA employees at HUGO'S last week calling for their support of not only the "NEW"PMUA administration but of Haqq for 3rd Ward.They gave speeches and all!!!

Bob said...

All the commissioners who voted for this payout and those who failed to participate or object should be run out of town on a rail. They are pigs feeding at our expense and don't deserve anything from us. Dunn and his evil ways will come back to haunt him. I hope the voters remembe when June 5 comes along.

The American Race said...

Scary! Really Scary!

Anonymous said...

The real question is whether Dunn posted a Haqq sign or a Mapp sign.

I bet neither!

jim spear

Anonymous said...

For all people who do not vote or believe your vote does not make a difference - you can pay my portion of the payout -taxes and PMUA bill. It is because of you that this city is in a rut.

Anonymous said...

What did we think they would do since she handed them so nice a gift. Although it seems a cheap return on investment, of course we do not know what went on under the table. Where are the ethics complaints to the state. Time to get some real law enforcement in here to clean house. I sent in an ethics complaint and so she every other resident of Plainfield.

Anonymous said...

Hugo's consistently gets PMUA's business. Check the books and you'll see that taxpayers and ratepayers consistently pay for "food" at this establishment. Williamson is a frequent drinking buddy of Watson and Ervin.

Anonymous said...

Dan, this story on P.T. pretty much sums it all up. Candidate Brown, by doing "nothing", has been instrumental in doing "something", and that something is as bad, as the day is long. Change can only come, if the voting population at large opens their eyes, wide enough to realize that they're being fed on by the oportunists.

Alan Goldstein said...

6:46 am. I would be interested in details of that event.

If you care, please forward them to me at

It's not the first I've heard of possible election law violations.

Anonymous said...

I agree, they are all in it together. Haqq, Brown, Green, Briggs, Watson, Dunn and Sanders. We need some serious changes in Plainfield. A favor for a Favor. All criminals.

Anonymous said...

To 6:46am, Did the free drinks at HUGO's surprise you,they have done that all along, current PMUA execs and past. Now guess what "you and all the rest of us are paying for it(sure it's free for them), do you really think they stopped their extravagant ways? NO, they just hide it better. Dan Williamson has always been a member of the PMUA CLUB, they are just making sure he can get a bigger cut of the pie by making him executive director.

Anonymous said...

This woman must be defeated.