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Monday, June 4, 2012

Abdul-Haqq puts himself out of the running

Abdul-Haqq's mailing was full of errors and misstatements.

Rasheed Abdul-Haqq, challenger for Plainfield's Ward 3 Democratic nomination effectively put himself out of the running with the mailing piece delivered to voters over the weekend.

In a piece which should have sealed the deal with voters, Abdul-Haqq argues that incumbent Adrian Mapp, a certified public accountant, is responsible for the current budget mess.

This is turning things on their heads, and shows Abdul-Haqq would be disastrous as a Councilor.

Budget proposals are made by the Mayor and adopted, after deliberations and amendments, by the Council. The 'glaring errors' Abdul-Haqq cites are actually the responsiblity of Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs.

For anyone who has been paying attention to the budget drama in the past couple of weeks, not only did Robinson-Briggs submit a flawed and inaccurate budget proposal to the State, she concealed the fact from the Council until deliberations were all but over.

And, as Councilor Cory Storch points out in his endorsement of Mapp (see here), the credit for finding a way out of this mess without massive layoffs, cutting services or tax increases belongs to Mapp's insight and leadership on the budget.

As for the lack of a CFO (chief financial officer) Adbul-Haqq cites, the responsibility for that rests squarely on Mayor Robinson-Briggs, a fact which Abdul-Haqq ignores (not surprising, since the Mayor has been campaigning for Abdul-Haqq against her own party's nominee).

I have worked with and admired Abdul-Haqq for nearly fifteen years. I am one who thinks he was personally targeted and driven from the Board of Ed by a mean-spirited law. He has been an advocate for youth and re-entry programs for years and deserves credit for his persistence.

However, he has allowed himself to be painted into a corner by his alignment with 'kingmaker' John Campbell and Mayor Robinson-Briggs.

He would be a disaster as a Councilor with those chits waiting to be called.

My vote will be for proven experience and strings-free fiscal expertise -- for Adrian Mapp, Row 8A on Tuesday, June 5.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Bob said...

I used to have respect for Abdul Haqq, but that has eroded by his performances in the debates and now this. I saw his henchmen out in the 3rd ward yesterday delivering this list of lies and deceit. It's a shame he has fallen to such a low state and allowed criminal elements influence an otherwise good character.

Keeping It Real said...

Mr. Haqq seems to be a very nice man, but, from his performance at the LOWV forum - - he is completely out of his league for this challenge and his presence on the Council would be a total disaster, similar to current Council members who are very nice people, but really don't know how negotiate and/or elaborate on issues.

When one is seeking employment, especially these days, one needs to prove one's worthiness of the job and the ability to perform a competent job. We need proven and effective leadership.


Anonymous said...

Dan, I wish people would be knowledgable about the budget process. The mayor submits the budget. Miss Sly as a Fox mayor puts in a budget and then blames the council for having to cut it.

People, it is the mayor who is supposed to put in the correct budget. And, if you want her budget, then your taxes would have gone up about 50% during her term. Then who do you blame?

Get informed!!!!!

Montford said...

Dan, since this is election season and many are expressing their views on those from which to choose from…. Here is my view!

DAN! ARE YOU SERIOUS! You know, as should everyone who is reading your twist on this subject, that the Mayor may propose BUT THE COUNCIL PASSES WHAT IS PROPOSED. If council had not found a problem with any of the Mayor’s proposals, somewhere within three readings I would think, and passed her proposals then one can not place the Mayor entirely at fault, as certain groups try to do.

Dan, I truly believe that you are better than some of what you write. I remember the conversation we had with regard to you starting a Blog and how you wanted to project information. NOT SO OBJECTIVE AFTER ALL, R U! I can understand you wanting to stay in the loop, but come on Dan.

Mapp, during his involvement with this community has wasted, caused change in policy and procedure beyond request or mention of a concern from all public interest; he acts as if he is the essence to answer on behalf or in absence of every citizen, and in doing so has over shadowed the fabric of this community; all in view and with the assistance of a past administration. You above all should remember. You were there! Furthermore, to make matters worst, he has people following along with him who think they are basking in what they deem as being his light of glory. This is very sad.

Mapp played follow-the-leader in an attempt to become the leader. He danced to that good-old boy tune, and in doing so has begun to believe that the successes he thinks he has paved, he has accomplished on his own. Now blinded by this false sense of power and the overshadowing arrogance it has created, he has yet to acknowledge that the foundation of this character was structured solely by those who, as yet, have not settled on another more appealing Judas goat. But from what I see coming over the horizon, he should be weary because his safety net has a tear in it.

Listen, the time has come that voters are drifting away from being afraid of this representative or that representative. The voters are thinking before they pull that lever, and following a line just because it’s “the line” is becoming less appealing. That practice is giving way to what makes sense, and voters are now taking into consideration “the whole picture”. The voters are waking up in understanding that the representatives of the past will not be their Pied Piper of Hamelin and a reason for going along with how you say, the "Okey doke!” The problem is not the Pied Piper, the problem is where the Pied Piper is taking them.

I have not witness Mapp or his followers doing any work needing to be done out side of their protective walls. Sitting behind a desk is safe, is it not? A true leader always remains visible to the core of whom they lead. Neither Mapp, nor his followers has a recognizable creative strategy for job, business or program fulfillment; if they had, or at the least Mapp, would have already implemented them. In this case, I don’t want to hear about (“his” as his puts it) successful road plan, as it did nothing to provide Plainfield with sustainable jobs. However, as far as giving credit is concerned, I will give them credit for having a plan to put some Plainfield people out of work - just to get the vote, from those who do not seek the true for themselves. As for the consequences of people losing jobs here, well I guess the Mapp fan club thinks: Oh well, throw them old consequences out with the bath water.

As for me, I’ll go with those who really know what digging deep is all about, those who really roll up their sleeves. I'm going with Mr. Haqq and Rev. Brown