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Monday, June 25, 2012

Dan hits a bump in the road

Like the sign says...
Looks like I'll be back in Plainfield on time Wednesday, but not exactly as expected.

Nothing in life ever develops in a straight line, including projected rehab outcomes. I checked in to JFK on June 17 for ten days of intensive physical therapy intended to get me up and walking on my new prosthesis.

That has happened and in fact I reached my ten-day goals after four days, which should have meant I would be close to walking with only a cane (or perhaps nothing at all) if I continued through to the end of my stay.

But there is a bump in the road.

After walking about a half mile on Friday, indoors and out, wet grass and dry sidewalks, hall after hall and tromping up and down steps, and a 15-minute stint on the exercise bike, I was looking forward to moving up a notch Monday morning.

However, an examination on Saturday AM showed a large blister had developed overnight on the base of the stump. Blisters are the nemesis. All progress stops as they must completely dry out (and cannot be 'popped') and heal before I can go forward again.

So, my last two days will be spent OFF my new leg and meeting with the prosthetists to tweak the leg so -- hopefully -- the problem will not repeat itself.

One step forward, two steps back. Sounds like a therapy exercise!

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Bob said...

Good luck, Dan. You'll be back and in good shape soon. Patience is a hard lesson to learn for all of us.

Bob Bolmer

Jackie said...

Hang in there, Dan. Your attitude throughout this could serve as a role models for others facing the challenge!

I went through similar things with each knee replacement. I was doing fantastic with this last one in early rehab, ahead of the game ... then dislocated the kneecap and had to not rehab for two weeks.