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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

'Kingmaker' Campbell's Board of Ed dominance in jeopardy?

Tuesday was not only primary election day in Plainfield, it was the deadline for candidates for the Board of Ed to file for the new election date in November.

Up until Tuesday, it didn't seem that 'kingmaker' John Campbell was in danger of losing a dominating position with regard to the Board of Ed, on which his wife Wilma sits as a member of the 'Grand SLAM' faction (which also includes Board president Renata Hernandez and members Jameelah Surgeon, Dorian Hurtt, Keisha Edwards and Susan Phifer).

However, Council President Adrian Mapp announced at Assemblyman Jerry Green's Democratic party headquarters on Tuesday that he would be supporting a 'slate' composed of Mahogany Hendricks (daughter of former Councilor Al Hendricks), Dolly Hamlin (the PMUA's purchasing agent), Delois 'Dee' Dameron (who ran for Wards 1/4 as a New Dem) and resident Catherine Crittenden.

Terms expiring this year are those of current members Lisa Logan Leach, Brenda Gilbert, Keisha Edwards (who is filling out the unexpired term of Pat Barksdale, who resigned) and Susan Phifer (who currently has the seat held by Rasheed Abdul-Haqq, forced off the Board by Asm Green's new law).

One of the ironies of the current primary election season is that Abdul-Haqq supposedly was John Campbell's second choice for a candidate to run against incumbent Adrian Mapp. His first choice, it is said, was BOE president Renata Hernandez, but her husband is said to have put the kibosh on that.

In any event, if Assemblyman Green is going to put the weight of the Democratic machinery behind a 'slate', Campbell's domination of the school board is in serious trouble.

This is caused firstly because the change in the election date from April to November guarantees a much larger turnout, and the partisan atmosphere of the fall election cycle will no doubt overwhelm the 'nonpartisn' character of the school board election -- especially with Green openly fielding a slate.

And that might make problems for whichever candidate the oh-so-secretive Board picks for the Superintendent's job (what ARE they waiting for? the new super is supposed to start July 1).

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad you found something to be nasty about Dan.

Anonymous said...

Dan They have Anna Belin-Pyles have already signed her contract. I can not wait for the slammers to get off the board. This district have went down hill since they have had control. Anna Belin-Pyles does a horrible job as acting. There is no accountabilty in the district, and the teacher's are not doing a D*M thing. Myself and my whole entire family will be VOTING to get out whom ever the chicken and fish frying CAMPBELLS support.

Anonymous said...

What's worse is the Board of Ed members care only about doing what's best for themselves, NOT the kids in this District that we elected them to serve!! If they even considered the ramifications of selecting the current interim Superintendent, they would NOT place her in the permanent position. It should be a REQUIREMENT of ANY Superintendent to have worked in, at one point in their careers, a classroom, has been an educator and holds a doctorate. Two years as a substitute, as she bragged about in the Community forum held a few weeks ago, does NOT make a person an educator, let alone SUPERINTENDENT. She didn't answer too many questions asked by the community directly, she just talked around all issues presented to her. and boasted about being "home-grown". Keisha announced at that same forum, that they had not made a decision and our feedback was an integral part of their decision making via the feedback forms, which were supposed to be made available on the Plainfield school website, yeah well that hasn't happened either. Which leads me to believe they made up their minds already. They need to START OVER and keep searching for who is the RIGHT candidate, not someone they choose just so they can say they did their jobs. Shame on them all!!

Anonymous said...

I ran on a slate with Mahogany Hendricks and I know Dee Dameron and they are both great choices for the Board as if my schedule was clear I might have run as well. I will do all I can to help them and get the word out including doing some walking in the neighborhoods on my free weekends. Ladies you can count on me.

Jaclynne "Jackie" Callands

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:54AM,

I would like to compare your record versus what Mr Campbell has done for the city of Plainfield over the last 45 years.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:16am

Mr. campbell have done alot in the city of Plainfield, FRIED A LOT OF CHICKEN ANF FISH. I can tell you are clueless.

Plainfield please remember to VOTE out any and everyone who are affiliated with the STRIKE OUT TEAM. Batter up you guys are OUT

Anonymous said...

Low blow about Renata's husband Dan! Wow! Are you really that shallow & superficial??? Are you still harboring ill will towards her? It's so obvious! And more ridiculous because you both want the best for Plainfield. I really gave you more credit than that and had a lot of respect for your commitment to the one-horse town. I'm disappointed that even you would stoop so low...