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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Williamson to take over PMUA?

Is Corporation Counsel Dan Williamson being tapped
to run the PMUA?
As the Plainfield Municipal Utilities Authority (PMUA) board of commissioners continue what seems to be an inter-galactic search for an executive director (Commissioners Dunn and Sanders putting the kibosh on the chances of Duane Young), there are persistent rumors that one longtime Democratic operative and consummate insider has an edge on getting the appointment: the current Corporation Counsel, Dan Williamson.

It is scarcely a secret that Mayor ('Im the f***ing Mayor') Robinson-Briggs is no longer feeling warm and fuzzy about Williamson.

Sharon watchers ascribe it to her insecurities, which are numerous and overwhelming; Williamson watchers find that no matter how much one puts oneself out for Her Honor, it is never enough.

In any event, the rumor may have a lot of substance as Robinson-Briggs is not expected to get the line in next year's Democratic mayoral race (shall we say, politely, that she is 'damaged goods'?). This would mean that Williamson would be without a job come January 2014.

What are Williamson's qualifications? He certainly has as much experience with solid waste remediation as any of us do personally. But is it enough to run an agency?

Or perhaps Williamson will prefer to fall back on a night-time gig writing movie reviews for the International Move Database (see here), where someone who signs themself with Dan's name has managed to post reviews of a whopping 285 movies.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Alan Goldstein said...

Who dreams this stuff up?

Bob said...

Can't the City Council change the rules to be able to get rid of dredges like Dunn and company. At this point Malcolm Dunn is damaged goods too and has not future in politics and is a disgrace to us all.

Robert Bolmer

olddoc said...

Dan, April 1 was last week.

Anonymous said...

One more person to get an even bigger paycheck, hire all his friends and hang out on the golf course on the taxpayer's dime. oops sorry, already doing that.... well carry on.

The American Race said...

It would be the same "MESS" from when Eric Watson was over there. Half days, don't know nothing, and preferential treatment. What a joke. Just because you're an attorney doesn't mean you can run an agency.

Anonymous said...

Why does the Mayor and council keep putting the same people on the PMUA board who gave away our Million $$$$? If the City Council thinks things are so bad off over at the PMUA why not make real changes,and just democrat party favors.

Anonymous said...

Every body knows that the Queen Mayor Sharon always shoots her messengers! She thinks that our tax dollars are her private bank account.

Dottie Gutenkauf said...

toWhy on earth did the Council (Adrian Mapp included) approves these nominees for the PMUA Board?

GB said...

Eric Watson = Lou Jones = David Irvin = Dan Willianson = Nice hard working people assigned an IMPOSSIBLE task i.e. to run the PMUA to the benefit of the Citizens of Plainfield. Now to run it for the benefit of lawyers and consultants .... Yippeee !!!!

Keeping It Real said...

Why do these people keep getting recycled (no pun intended) from one position to the next?

So many people out there with great qualifications who are ethical and hard working deserve a turn.

Get these "has-been-cow-towing" people out of town and lets move forward.

Enough already!

The American Race said...

To add to my earlier post.... just because you went to law school doesn't make you an attorney either!

Anonymous said...

its a shame the pmua can't be put on the ballot for the public to deceide