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Monday, April 16, 2012

Welcome to the first campaign blogger: Roni Taylor

Roni and her daughter Savannah and son Kenny
brought 'T.J.' to visit when I was at JFK.
Once again, Plainfield can expect a lively primary election. As in previous years, I have offered to link to the blogs, websites or other online presences of the candidates for City Council who have filed this year.

On the Republican side, Bill Amirault is running for the citywide seat and Randy Bullock, a former school board member, is running for the Ward 3 seat. Since they are running unopposed, you may not expect to hear much about their campaigns until the Fall, when they will oppose either incumbent Adrian Mapp or Rasheed Abdul-Haqq as the Democratic Ward 3 candidate and either Rev. Tracey Brown or Veronica (Roni) Taylor as the citywide at-large candidate.

The Rev. Brown, who is both Mayor Robinson-Briggs pastor and best friend, is running on the Democratic Party line. She is also a PMUA Commissioner and served one year of a three-year term on the Board of Education.

Roni Taylor and I have counted each other the best of friends for over twenty years, since way back when Dottie Gutenkauf and I helped to coordinate several successful Board of Ed candidacies -- including both Roni's and Randy Bullock's.

You can check out Roni's blog here.

As I have said (and done) before, though I am ardently partisan in PLAINFIELD TODAY, the CLIPS blog is for the community and I will gladly put up links to any candidate's web presence and include any campaign events they forward me in the Community Calendar, without editorializing.


-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Rebecca Williams said...


I am proud to be Roni's campaign manager. She has worked hard for this city her entire adult life, serving as a school board member at a young age, serving the needs of Plainfield's neediest through her work at the YMCA, and through teaching our kids in the district. Roni has always been very vocal about where she stands, and she will remain an independent voice. She has never quit, and has only the people of Plainfield at heart. It is her time to serve--she loves Plainfield, and will not be divisive or evasive. I hope folks understand what is at stake in this election. I will be out with Roni over the next several weeks, urging Plainfield residents to support her as someone who has worked hard for the people of Plainfield, and who is not beholden to anyone but the people.


Bernice said...

What happened to Rasheed Abdul-Haqq? Didn't he file for the Third Ward seat?

Bob said...

I am glad to see that Roni has someone working with her with experience. I don't trust Traci Brown and her links to the mayor and PMUA and her past actions indicate that she would not be the best choice for the City Council. The REV. before a name doesn't indicate quality or ethics these days. Good luck, Roni.

Bob Bolmer

Anonymous said...

Isn’t Rasheed Abdul-Haqq running for 3rd ward council as a dem in the June primary?

Dan said...

Bernice -- Final version is complete with Rasheed's name...

Alan Goldstein said...

You should stop kissing Mapp's butt. I don't believe for a minute that leaving out Abdul-Haqq's name was an oversight, because you've got a history of partisan tainted censorship.

Just face it Dan, your man Mapp is just another spin on the corrupt political machine. And no, this is not an endorsement for Abdul-Haqq either, in case you are wondering. Everyone says they just love Plainfield, they love its diversity and its potential, but very few actually have any ideas that are more than superficially meaningful.

I for one will just wait and see if any of these candidates have anything to say that is worth listening to. For the most part our local political aspirants are a bunch of fakers, IMHO. I've been fooled once, but won't buy into the BS any longer.