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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Councilor Reid owes everyone an apology

Hon. William Reid, Councilor, Ward One.

 Plainfield Councilor Bill Reid's performance at Monday's Council meeting marks a low point for a man with whom I often disagree but whom I have always respected for a certain courtliness in his demeanor as well as a tenacity in expressing his beliefs and opinions.

Councilor Reid embarrassed himself, the Council and the City of Plainfield by his rude and abusive behavior and owes everyone an apology.

First he should apologize to Councilor Cory Storch, who had the floor when Reid interrupted him, attacked him personally and ignored the chair's gavel.

Second, he should apologize to Council President Adrian Mapp for disrupting the order of the Council and ignoring the President's gavel, which is a universally recognized summons to order and a warning that an officer of the law may be called upon to enforce that order.

Third, he should apologize to the entire City Council for behavior that brings the governing body into disrepute. His outburst on Monday cannot be edited out, and will stay there for the world to see as long as it is televised.

Fourth, he should apologize to Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs, whose strong supporter he usually is. The Mayor's purposes cannot be well-served by a Councilor who seems unable to control his intemperate outbursts. If for no other reason than hoping to advance her policies which he supports, Reid should have been in a better frame of self-control on Monday.

Fifth, he should apologize to the audience of Plainfield residents and taxpayers that was present as well as the unseen audience who will witness his outburst on the city's cable TV channel. This is hardly why he was elected to represent the residents of the First Ward. They and all voters have the right to expect better from an elected official.

Lastly, I remember Councilor Reid once giving a moving testimony to the role that his mother played in shaping his life, particularly his life in public service. He told the audience that he could still hear her voice, many years after her passing, urging him to do the right thing. If he hears that voice at all now, he should pay heed to it and restore the respect for order which he has always previously shown.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Dan you are out of your mind. Mr. Reid did a very good job at the council meeting. Mr. Storch needs to APOLOGIZE to the audience. Mr. Storch also needs to APOLOGIZE to the Council president. Mr. Storch also needs to APOLOGIZE to the MAYOR for harrassment

Anonymous said...

To 5:42AM - we seem to have a difference of opinion. Councilor Reid consistently grandstands and ignores the protocol of the meeting.

He is the reason the meetings go on forever, and quite frankly, whether you are on a council or not, interrupting is plain rude, and not following protocol is arrogant.

Anonymous said...

Dan you will never ever give the mayor or any of her supporters any support you and the new Dems have been on a mission of disrespect and character assination every since she defeated Mayor MC Williams,not that I'm a great supporter of the mayor but I do think she does have the city's interest at heart and if the New Dems and their supporters would have stopped playing politics for last several years maybe the city could be in better shape so in closing if anybody needs to APOLOGIZE its you and the rest of the Dems.

Rebecca Williams said...


Councilman Reid has, on more than one occasion (as witnessed the other night) told other councilors to "shut up," and has attempted to filibuster and talk over other councilors--this rudeness, unfortunately, is not new. Similarly, the mayor audibly called Councilman Storch a "jerk" twice. I heard it, and he administration representatives sitting on either side of her both heard it as well--I could see the shock in the eyes of one of them, and the discomfort of both at the mayor's behavior. The individuals sitting in the first couple of rows heard her outburst as well. This is shameful, despicable behavior that I have had to put up with for months--the mayor speaking in a "stage whisper"--muttering all kinds of insults and inanities--which came to a head last month while I was reading out the resolutions to the public. For anyone to blame or chide Councilman Storch, or me, for what the mayor does, as if we initiated it, shows clearly that they agree that her immature, childish, and offensive acts are part and parcel of how she has governed this city. As I pointed out to Dr. Yood during the public comment, the city council has rules of conduct. Mr. Reid, apparently, feels that he can violate those rules whenever he wants to--this is disrespectful to the rest of the council, who all (even when we disagree) at least have the courtesy of waiting our turn to speak. Councilor McWilliams had to endure similar outbursts during her tenure as council president.


Anonymous said...

Dan i figure you would not post my comment. You would never allow the truth to get out there.

Anonymous said...

Gez Dan. . . was it really necessary to bring Councilman Reid's mother into it?

Let the women rest in peace.

jim spear

Bob said...

I think Mr. Reid should apoligize and perhaps step down if this is what he plans doing in the future. His unwavering support for our joke of a mayor also brings one to question his ability to do the job and do what's best for the people of Plainfield. I hope he rethinks his priorities and is able to do the job we need him to do.

Jeanette Nesbitt said...

I missed the meeting, where can I find Mr Reid's comments?

Anonymous said...

Dan, dan, dan you are really too much for words.

Keeping It Real said...

It's no surprise that Reid did what he did. "Reid" between the lines -- he's Plainfield's "Archie Bunker" -- in how he views society and the rhetoric he spews.

The only thing for which you might respect him, is his age and I believe he served this country in the armed services; however, Reid is nothing more than a product of the staffing services provided by the various City administrations and its agencies which have kept him gainfully employed over the years -- enjoying the benefits courtesy of tax payer money.

He is completely partial and the only thing he knows how to do well is play politics.

Like the Mayor and the rest of her inept associates, he does not represent the whole of Plainfield, nor does he represent what is in the best interest of this City and its people. He represents what is in his best interest and the few around him who vote for him, over and over and over again.

Anonymous said...

Dan where is my comment. I knew you would never post it.

Anonymous said...

If the mayor has Plainfield's interest at heart, whey did she go on national TV and announce that we have a gang problem caused by unemployment? Why is she suing the Council and avoiding legal questions and spending the city's money when all she had to do was answer questions up front? If she has the city's interst at heart, why can she not keep people in her cabinet? Could it be that she is more interested in herself and having people do HER bidding than running the city? If she had the city's interest at heart, why did she spend the city's money on police guarding her, and spending taxpayer's money, without ever showing proof of threats?

She has her own interests, and those of her friends at heart - period.

Dan said...

Ms. Nesbitt -- Check the scheudle for the city's cable TV stations on the city website. They'll be broadcasting the tape of the meeting shortly.

Dan said...

@ 7:33 AM/9:10 AM -- Everything received is up. You can repost if you don't see your comment. And remember I'll be in therapy all afternoon, so don't sit by your comoputer waiting for instant feedback.

Anonymous said...

Is this not the same Councilman Reid who volunteered to encourage the Mayor to apologize for what appears to be her inappropriate use of funds and subsequent behaviors? You can't teach (encourage) what you don't practice or know yourself! Councilman Reid's bullying behaviors and outburts dipped to an all time low even for him and showed a person who was so out of control,one questions his mental capacities.