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Friday, April 6, 2012

Dan gets a prescription

Dan will soon get a 'shrinker', a sort of stocking to shape the stump.

So the doctor made a trip to Plainfield today (all the way from just over the South Plainfield line on Park Avenue).

He chatted with physical therapist Brian and me about my case, saying he had reviewed the records and that we were ready for the next step -- scheduling a fitting for a 'shrinker' preparatory to actually getting the prosthesis wheels rolling.

The shrinker is a sort of knit stocking designed to compress my stump and make it more conical (it kind of has Dumbo ears now) so that eventually it will fit nicely into the handcrafted prosthetic device that will finally let me walk away from this experience.

Brian eagerly clutched the prescription and filed it away where it can be retrieved once the blisters (a reaction to a new dressing adhesive) are cleared up.

Everyone is anxious to get moving to the next phase.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Who cares Dan. You're not the first. My goodness.

You sound like the President "ME ME ME"

Dan said...

@ 7:06 PM: So, you're checking out Plainfield Today at a very unusual hour and you find this post. Have you nothing better to do with your time? I mean, there must be a reality show or something useful to watch.

This piece is what's known in the business as a 'throwaway', a piece of fluff. No heavy lifting as it's a holiday weekend and folks are into Peeps and chocolate bunnies.

Happy Easter! Hope you don't spend it sucking on a sour pickle.

Anonymous said...

7:06 will be at church Sunday morning proclaiming what a good Christian he/she is. Obviously a racists and homophobic.

Bob said...

Congratulations Dan. I'm sure others appreciate your story and the hope it may bring to others. Please keep us updated. Good luck with your recovery. God bless you.

Bob Bolmer

Pat Turner Kavanaugh said...

Dan: good to hear about your progress. Perhaps you could keep an eye on Bobbie Morris, too, and let us know how he's doing. No chocolate bunnies and marshmallow chicks for you, young man

Siddeeq said...

Great comeback Dan.

Olive said...

To 7:06pm

How insensitive to a fellow human being can you get?

Tragedies happen to people every day -- women get breast cancer, children are shot in the street, people get alzheimers and don't know who they are or their loved ones, children are born with birth defects, people get terminal diseases -- the list is long.

They are not the "first" are they?

So you would say "who cares"???? They should just shut up and not talk about it?


I care and empathize with ANY human being going through something bad.

I think finding out you have a disease, then getting your leg cut off, dealing with all that comes with it -- it's a terrible thing. Life-changing, painful -- a big list of stuff that DAN or ANY feeling, caring HUMAN BEING would care about. What's wrong with Dan sharing his experience and story? Isn't that what people do? Don't people talk about stuff to help them cope?

When people share their experiences -- good or bad -- we all learn a little more about each other, the human experience, gain understanding and empathy -- and perhaps, if it ever happens to us, we'll be better able to cope.

When people make fun of or trivialize others going through rough stuff, typically it's people who have never had anything bad happen to them. They tell others to stop whining. Or worse, you're dismissed as not being whole or "normal" or told to 'get over it".

Any of us can be suddenly faced with a life-altering event that screws up your body -- get paralyzed in a car accident, have a stroke, get a terminal or debilitating disease.

It's personal to you. You would care if it happened to you. It's freaking HARD to deal with a body that has issues. Especially in a society that worships physical perfection.

I rarely call names -- but 7:06, you are an insensitive, nasty, a**hole.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are making progress. It will be a slow one to recover from, but it can and will be done. Keep us posted. There are many who will have to go through this at some point. It can be a benefit for all to see and experience through you.

Jackie said...

What Olive said! Please keep posting updates.

Anonymous said...

Dann great to hear you are making progress. Continue to take it one day at a time and follow the doctors orders. I for one know what it's like to be a diabetic and I do what I have to do to live a healthy life. Be Well and Continued Blessings to you my friend.

K Glencamp-daniel said...

God is with you stay strong and positive you are in my payers

K Glencamp-daniel said...

Happy Easter r

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan, Hope you had a great Easter. Your writing about what you are going through is actually a great inspiration for me. While I am not at all going through your health issue, I do enjoy reading your blog and putting my issues in their place.

Keep writing, keep plugging away, and know that you are making a marked difference in a life. Thank you.