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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dan gets his marching orders

Tuesday will be my last day at Plainfield's Norwood Terrace rehab center.

I've been given my marching orders.

After the stitches and staples were removed about ten days ago, it was just a matter of making sure the amputation wound was completely cleared before I would be sent home for the interim between rehab and the fitting of my first prosthesis.

The first one gets me up and running -- or at least walking -- while the stump continues to shrink to its final dimensions and I learn to maneuver with the extra weight on my left leg.

For that I will go to outpatient therapy at JFK until the final prosthetic device -- the one that really looks like a leg and won't make people go 'Eeek!' -- is ready for fitting. At that point the plan is to put me back into JFK as an in-patient for intensive training on the final device and then turn me loose on the world.

I have paid the price for neglecting healthcare, and have apologized to those my neglect has cost grave worry and more -- especially my partner of nearly 36 years, Nat. And I'm moving on, thankful for a second chance to enjoy the rest of life's adventures.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Rebecca Williams said...

Most excellent, Dan! God bless!


Pam said...

That you remain so positive about this is very, very inspirational. That we all could look at life's hiccups with such rosy glasses. We will miss your Yard Sale Photos this year but wish you well with your recovery.


Bob said...

Thanks for the inspiration, Dan. Let me know when you're ready to go to the club. LOL


Anonymous said...

You're as good as, or better than, the TIMEX watches of yesteryear. You keep on tickin" too!! Keep up the good recovery, you're an inspiration!