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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

FOSH candidate forum will go forward

Mark your calendar now!
I learned Tuesday afternoon that the FOSH candidate forum slated for May 23 (see my previous post here) will go forward as planned.

This means that the Rev. Tracey Brown will be participating, as the League of Women Voters requires all contesting candidates be present in order for a League member to moderate the event.

The Democrats jockeying for selection in the June primary have committed to the forum --
  • Council President Adrian Mapp, who is running for re-election to the Ward 3 seat;
  • former Board of Ed member Rasheed Abdul-Haqq, who is challenging Mapp;
  • PHS teacher and community activist (as well as former three-term Board of Ed member) Veronica 'Roni' Taylor who is running for the Citywide at-large seat; and
  • The Rev. Tracey Brown, ally of Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs, commissioner of the Plainfield Municipal Utilities Authority (PMUA), and pastor of Ruth Fellowship Ministries, who is the Democratic city committee's candidate.
The moderator supplied by the League of Women Voters will be Dawne Clarke, who has moderated many forums in Plainfield over the years.

The forum is slated for Wednesday, May 23, 7:00 - 9:00 PM, at Emerson Community School, Emerson Avenue and East 3rd Street (parking in the school's lot and on the street).

The community owes a vote of thanks to FOSH volunteers for pulling the event together, especially Pat Turner Kavanaugh and Jim Spear, and to the candidates for being willing to chip in to cover costs.

Mark your calendar now. See you at the forum!

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Bernice said...

Would you like to amend that to Wednesday, May 23?

Anonymous said...

Dan, the forum is Wednesday, May 23, not May 25.

Bob said...

I want everyone to be aware that not everyone on the Plainfield Democratic City Committee wanted Rev. Brown to represent them. I won't be voting for her and I think all the candidates need to be vetted before voters go to the polls, especially those who have allied themselves with our Mayor.

Bob Bolmer

Anonymous said...

"Wednesday, May 25, 7:00 - 9:00 PM"-
Dan, did you mean Wednesday May 23rd?

I think my calendar's playing tricks on me!

Dan said...

Thanks all you eagle-eyed readers! I had both correct and incorrect dates in the post (fingers tripping lightly over the keyboard?). It is the 23rd and has been corrected. It is also on the Google community calendar in the right spot.

See you there!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob. . .why didn't you go to the Democratic City Committee meeting when it was announced that the Rev and your PMUA commissioner appointing friend Adrian Mapp were getting the line?

You could have stated your objections there.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean the Democratic City Committee's candidate?

Jerry appointed her. There was no candidate allowed to oppose her, there was no vote. It was Jerry dictating as usual.