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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Robinson-Briggs damages her credibility further in PMUA business

Sometimes Robinson-Briggs calls to mind
the madcap Warner Brothers cartoon classics.
Plainfield Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs sometimes says the most outrageously looney-tune things.

At Monday's Council meeting, Councilor Cory Storch led a long discussion of the options regarding the Plainfield Municipal Utilities Authority (PMUA)  that were presented by the volunteer task force.

Storch, Council President Adrian Mapp and Councilor Bridget Rivers had met with attorneys to go over the steps required by the state for the city to DISSOLVE the PMUA, which involved hiring engineering and financial consultants who would prepare the necessary reports on which the state's Local Finance Board would be able to give Plainfield the go-ahead to dissolve the agency.

(At the same time, Storch wanted the agency -- on its own -- to pursue the $8 million budget reduction called for by the task force which would give ratepayers some relief while dissolution is explored.)

When Mayor Robinson-Briggs was given the floor to comment, she suggested that the City should find professionals who would do these studies 'gratis'.

Which is laughable considering the hot water she has gotten herself into involved using $15,000 donated to the city by Investors Bank for a purpose other than bank officials meant it for.

Plus, of course, the attorney she hired to defend herself in the matter -- who hardly worked for free.

So, when Robinson-Briggs makes such suggestions, she hardly enhances her credibility which everywhere is strained to the breaking point, as noted in a caustic Star-Ledger editorial last week (see here), and the weekly roundup of 'winners and losers' by the political website PolitickerNJ, which labeled Robinson-Briggs a 'loser' last week (see here).

Perhaps, especially, the hapless Wile. E. Coyote.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Yep I Said It! said...

Dan -unfortunately for Plainfield . . . "that's NOT all Folks!" She has another year!


Bob said...

Our mayor is really a joke and she keeps reminding us of this. I would have loved to see the link that says our mayor was loser of the day, but your link takes us to the site for today's date. Thanks anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hello people of plainfield is anybody home, or is that blank look just gas. What the heck is going on, the talk, blogs, the emails the letters the articles and still nothing gets down while we sit on our hands. You just don't get it, a politician is about keeping his job as long as he can without controversey, which would get him voted out of office. They will take something that has no cost penality to them and use this problem to cover up anything meaningful that needs to be done. Briggs' only interest along with Jerry Green and the rest of these political clowns is to accumulate as much time on the public payroll so they can have a free ride into a comfortable retirement at your expense. The rest of us have to survive by hard work and planning in order to get there until fat pig Bankers and Wall Streeters blow up are hard work yet still survive and reap rewards, bonuses and benefits most of us cannot even image anymore. Look at ethics reform legislation in the state Steve (Don't Rock the Boat I still need time to accumulate and pad my retirement)Sweeney and again all the other political crooks both republican and democrat who do what is in their best interset to preserve themselves. Now here comes the big lie "not my representative he has done this and this for the area he represents". A governmening body is not about one area or one political group it is about the whole. These political clowns represent all of us because it would be pretty hard to have all the residents of Union County go to committe meetings on a reqular basis even as little as our politicians do.

Simple suggestion have every salaried position and I mean salaried, not hourly contracted, publisize in their local area paper all the current pay and benefits they recieve for their jobs (offices, food, mailing, phone, clothing, car, sick and vacation time and every little item that they do not have to take out of their pocket but comes from public funds). How about we start with Plainfield starting with MS Briggs to set a good example.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it the City Council who appointed the last two commissioners whose only goal was to get the million dollar payout for the former director and assistant director? Yet, PMUA is to try to cut the budget - let's start with cutting the payout! It took 15 years for the former directors to get the PMUA into the state it is in now. The current Director has righted many wrongs in the few months since he has held the office and should be given a fair chance to continue.

Anonymous said...
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Pat Turner Kavanaugh said...

Dan: as anon. at 6:34 a.m. noted "that ain't all, folks" and, not only does the Mayor have another year in office, she will obtain a 4-3 council majority with the election of her minister. As I have previously noted, I am a registered Republican, so I can't vote in the primary but you guys who can have a clear choice. Although the great Mapp-kiss-and-make-up-with-Jerry calls into question all the Dems, except Jim Spear.