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Monday, February 7, 2011

Plainfield Symphony's 'duCABARET' fundraiser this weekend

A special Valentine's Day weekend treat.
Roses? Chocolates? Fuggedaboutit! This Valentine's Day weekend, take your sweetheart to the Plainfield Symphony Orchestra's 'duCABARET' event. It will be the best Valentine you've ever given!

Award-winning cabaret singer and longtime Plainfield resident
John DeMarco will headline the evening.
Plainfield resident and award-winning cabaret sensation John DeMarco will headline an evening of cabaret entertainment featuring greats from the American Songbook, a fabulous supper and an open bar.

DeMarco will be joined by performers Greg Myers, Dean Field, Jackie Fornatale, Kim Grogg and The Del Angels for an evening of cabaret classics, hosted by Manhattan cabaret singer Jim Speake.

The event gets under way at 7:00 PM with a scrumptious supper and open bar, a silent auction with some fabulous Valentine surprises and a silent ART auction featuring wildlife artists Leslie Delgyer and Douglas Allen. The cabaret begins at 8:00 P.M.

duCret, New Jersey's oldest non-profit visual arts school, is no stranger to performing as well as visual artists, ranging from the fabled Helen Hayes of yesteryear to Ralph Attanasia of today's popular Cake Boss TV show. The auditorium makes a perfect setting for an evening of cabaret -- large enough for both supper and a show and yet offering the intimacy so essential to successful cabaret.

Proceeds from 'duCABARET' will benefit the Plainfield Symphony Orchestra, New Jersey's oldest community orchestra, now under the musical leadership of Charles Prince, and with new community outreach programs such as the Junior Board of Directors and an immensely popular annual free family concert hosted by Shiloh Baptist Church (this year's was this past weekend).

Seating is limited, so make reservations now by email here or purchase tickets online at

The Plainfield Symphony performs in the magnificent
space of the Crescent Avenue Presbyterian Church.

Plainfield Symphony Orchestra

Saturday · February 12 · 7:00 PM

Ticket: $75/person

duCret School of Art
1030 Central Avenue
(Parking in lot at rear of campus complex, entrance directly off lot)

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

How I wish these things were more affordable for those of us who aren't among the affluent! I'm not asking for charity--just reasonable prices for these events. Don't the members of the symphony board have a responsibility to all the citizens of Plainfield?

Anonymous said...

The Plainfield Symphony board works hard on behalf of all of the citizens of Plainfield. Apparently commenter #1 missed the Symphony's most recent free event, the family concert last Saturday at Shiloh Baptist Church.
Operating a symphony is an expensive proposition. Ticket sales come nowhere near to covering the costs. How to pay for the music? One important source of revenue is fundraising events like this evening's.
Commenter #1, I hope you will attend this evening. It's not expensive at all when you consider that your $75 will help to pay for a season of five concerts of exciting and lovingly performed music.
Notes from Underground

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 10:47,

Tonight's event at the duCret school is a fundraiser for the Plainfield Symphony.

The Symphony performs four concerts per year. Ticket sales at the concerts are indeed reasonably priced at $25.00. With discounts for students and seniors. And further discounts usually can be found on their website. Ticket sales alone only cover a fraction of the cost of a concert.

The Symphony depends on grants, donations, and fundraisers like tonight's to survive. The performers tonight are giving their time for free. Art works, goods and services are donated for silent suctions. Volunteers organize the event and prepare the food. Even the luminaries that will light the walk have been donated. And the duCret school has graciously provided the venue for tonight's event at no cost.

I can not speak for the Symphony board as I am not a member, (and signing my name to this comment my get me on it, lol, so I won't) , but the Board is very committed to the citizens of Plainfield. They have numerous outreach programs and sponsor a free children concert each year that all are invited too. Not to mentioned that the Board Members (those that are in a position to) are the biggest donators to the Symphony.

I hope this information was helpful, and I encourage you to visit the Symphony's website.


a friend of the Symphony