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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hidden Plainfield: Exuberant brickwork sets house apart

Exuberant brickwork lends a baronial air to this Plainfield home, despite klutz's fingertip in picture.
This Hidden Plainfield home's exuberant brickwork has caught my eye for years, every time I ride down the street of this quiet neighborhood. There is only one other example I know of in Plainfield with similarly complicated brickwork, testimony to the skills of unknown masons.

While the home itself is not grand, the decorative brickwork gives it an air that is almost manorial, especially the complicated foot of the chimney.

The chimney makes a strong, though somewhat rustic, statement.

These regal chimneys are at Hampton House, the palace Henry VIII
swiped from the disgraced Cardinal Woolsey.

For a bold American statement, we need look no further than
Mark Twain's home in West Hartford, Conn.
For comparison, check out some English cottage brickwork, which may have loosely inspired this home, and two chimney treatments -- one English, one American -- that testify to the strength of a chimney in asserting a home's demeanor.

Two English cottages, showing interesting brickwork in their facades.
Do you know where this week's home is?

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Anonymous said...

Cute little brick cape cod house on Hillcrest Avenue between East Third and George Streets. Don't have to rely on memory this time- saw it today.