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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Solaris cuts staffing at Muhlenberg campus

Solaris Healthcare System has made staffing cuts at the Plainfield campus, including the Satellite Emergency Department and others, I am told.

Sources among Muhlenberg activists tell me that an LPN (licensed practical nurse) was transferred from the SED to the JFK facility, thus reducing staff coverage in Plainfield.

Additionally, these sources say the housekeeping staff for the entire campus was cut by half, and a maintenance worker who was hoping to retire after completing his FIFTY-FIFTH YEAR OF SERVICE this summer was summarily laid off, in addition to two persons in Medical Records.

Cuts such as these only underscore the financial difficulties Solaris seems to be facing.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Rob said...

Dan...WOW..I really wish you would get your facts right. Jerry and Sharon have been all over Solaris from the first day they mentioned closing the hospital and have kept their feet to the fire. This is obviously another fabrication as Jerry and Sharon would never allow this. I am sure Dottie and others would agree how hard Jerry and Sharon have fought every step of the way to prevent anything even remotely close to something like this occurring.

Anonymous said...

Yes Dan, you got your facts totally wrong. For shame.
An LPN AND RN were transferred to JFK. Another RNs hours were cut to less than part time. From 1am to 1pm most days only 2 RNs will be staffing the department. Plenty of staff if a baby delivery, stroke or heart attack wander through the door. But we know that that should never happen.
I am sure that Jerry and Sharon are all over this though. Im sure they were notified when Solaris notified the state. Or maybe not.