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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Spivey makes cut for the 'new' Courier newsroom

Intrepid reporter Mark Spivey (Sorry dude, I had to crib your FB photo).

In a text message this afternoon, Plainfield beat reporter Mark Spivey advised that the weeks of worry and waiting for word on his fate as a Courier reporter are over: Mark made the cut for the 'new' newsroom staff for the local Gannett paper.

The newsroom staff of Gannett's three northern Jersey papers (Courier New, Home News Tribune and Daily Record) was chopped in a surprise conference call several weeks ago when all were told their jobs were eliminated and they all had to apply for the 53 'new' positions, roughly half the 99 previously working in the three newsrooms.

While Mark is an excellent reporter, giving in-depth coverage of the Plainfield-North Plainfield area that we have not seen for a long time; and while he snags an impressive number of Page One stories (above the fold, mind you!); and while he consistently ranks as an award-winner for his reportage, both among his fellow New Jersey peers as well as among Gannett papers, some of us feel it's possible the real reason Mark is indispensable lies elsewhere...

His weekly Draft Picks beer column.

Congratulations, Mark!

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Philip Charles said...

Congrats Mark. You are top notch.

Paul Gibney said...

Congrat, Dan! So happy you'll be sticking around.

Anonymous said...

The CN chose to ditch two photographers -- one a veteran of several decades -- and a reporter. The HNT, the other half of the increasingly homogenized entity, lost several people as well.

Perhaps too early to say, but consider the possibility that the CN will eventually phase out coverage in Plainfield and contract as necessitated by the reduced staff. There's been minor speculation in that direction among the staff. Ad sales in the city have never been great. Page views for Plainfield stories may be good, but revenue arising from that might not be considered worth the effort by corporate management.