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Monday, February 28, 2011

Hidden Plainfield: Trolley track location

Where is it?

Am really glad everyone had so much fun with yesterday's Hidden Plainfield, the trolley track uncovered by a force of nature.

I really enjoyed the reminiscences about routes and locations (since I still haven't located my digital map), especially  Dr. Yood (olddoc) and Bill Garrett, who saved gas and suspension risks by paging through their memories instead of adding to the greenhouse effect, as well as Dorrie Neisel Johnson and the unsigned comment recalling the 'jog' where Park Avenue and Somerset Street joined Front Street.

The little piece I found exposed is on West Front Street, directly in front of the Horizons complex (formerly Tepper's).

Here's a long shot, with the County Office building and Park Avenue in the rear.
Until next week, maybe  you'll want to cruise on by the Plainfield Public Library's online exhibit about the history of transportation in Plainfield, Plainfield On The Move (the trolley section is here).

Where shall we go next week? 

Front page of the Library's online exhibit on 200 years of Plainfield transportation.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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olddoc said...

Dan, from your "long shot" it is obvious that this pot hole like so many in the city is at a place where the stret was "opened". In almost all the closing patch is of inferior quality and there is no adequate seal with the old pavement. The city has not enforced that proper patching be done. Examples are all over where trhe water company was replacing mains. One of the worst is the long center of the road opening north of Randolph on Woodland.

I had though that some of the old local rails had been torn up for the war effort. I had forgotten that Front street was repaved with the tracks in place;"to espensive to remove". The "Newwark" trolleys had some time late 40s been replaced by the electric "Trolley Bus" which received its current from the old overhead wires but could pull over to the curb for pickup/discharge. I don't rememb er ow long they were in operstion.