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Monday, February 21, 2011

Hidden Plainfield: February 20 home ID

Though visible, yesterday's carriage house did need some 'espying'.

The carriage house in yesterday's Hidden Plainfield is at the rear of the property immediately next door to United Presbyterian Church on East Front Street, and across the street from Richmond Towers.

I tried to give a little hint by describing the Wards, beginning with Ward One, in which this repurposed carriage house stands. Another little clue was using the persnickety 'espying' -- which, among other things, means glimpsing something partially hidden.

As with many other remaining carriage house in Plainfield, this one is partly obscured by a heavily treed property, but if you gaze directly down the driveway in passing, it is there is all its [diminished] glory.

Do you know the three I was thinking of that are now residences?

They are on Carlton Avenue, Stelle Avenue, and Madison Avenue.

Where shall we go next week?

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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hsy said...

Isn't there one on East 7th etween Leland and Woodland? I believe Dr. loizeaux once lived thetre.

Anonymous said...

- 825 Carlton Ave

- 417 Stelle

don't know Madison

and don't forget 1500 Charlotte. . . just a lovely carriage house. :)


Dan said...

Jim -- I forgot Charlotte Road, and reminding me of that of course made me remember the one on Highland Avenue, first on the left going up from Hillside, which I believe was a carriage house.

@ 7:38 -- I can't recall glimpsing one there, will have to look carefully next time through! thanks!

Anonymous said...

940 Madison Avenue, 452 W. 8th Street, Field Ave. at the curve starting the 800 block (behind the split level) and 520 W. 8th St.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan, There is a carriage house on Berkeley Ave between Belvidere Ave and Ravine Rd. And there is one back on Crabapple Lane. Joe B.