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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Two more feet of snow for Plainfield?

Is Plainfield getting two more feet of snow?

My emergency weather alert emails raise the issue.

Coming in late last night was the following --

The National Weather Service is now forecasting more snow for New Jersey.

The National Weather Service's computer models are now targeting a low pressure system that is expected to form in the northeast Gulf of Mexico and then move northeast along the Atlantic coast.
So, when I went out for the morning papers, I was more than a little interested in the snowflakes that blew into the windshield as I drove down Liberty Street.

Were we getting the forecasted snow?


How much would fall?

Would it be two feet more, as some have said?

What would that look like?

Two feet of snow in Plainfield?

Oops. It isn't even March 1st, let alone April 1st.

Enjoy your Sunday -- and the visual joke, courtesy of readers Vicky B. and Dr. Ted.

-- Dan Damon

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active citizen said...

I hope we don't get any snow. My apartment at 606 Crescent Avenue, 5G has warped floors and falling ceilings from Mr. Connolly not recognizing that this is an emergency and having the snow removed from the roof and making repairs. The city is involved and trying to help, but Connolly wants me to move so he doesn't have to fix the problem right away. I love Plainfield, but not as much since Connolly took over my building.

Bob Bolmer