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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hoboken finds Wenson-Maier brings baggage

Illustration accompanying Hoboken411 story.

How did I ever miss this one?

We all knew Jennifer Wenson-Maier, Plainfield's former Director of Public Works and Urban Development, landed on her feet in Hoboken (first reported by Bernice here, subsequently in the mainstream media here).

While I expected a reaction from Hoboken's lively Hoboken411 blog, I missed it.

Until a reader pointed it out this morning (Thanks, Pat!)

So, here you have it -- "EXCLUSIVE: Wenson-Maier brings baggage to Hoboken"

Hoboken411 credits the story as follows --
411 note: Thanks to those who helped with this story, including Plainfield’s leading Citizen Journalist, Bernice Paglia of the Plainfield Plaintalker, and a number of other sources who wished to stay off the record.
They have pretty lively comments too, check 'em out.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

I want to know what $11 million she brought to Plainfield. What project is that, Dan? Thank you.

active citizen said...

It's nice to know that Plainfield's mayor is not the only one who can make terrible choices in the people she hires and in other situations.

Anonymous said...

JWM may or may not be good at her new job but the Hoboken411 post is just a speculative piece of gossip, complete with juvenile photo mashups, and seems to be based on 2 two line quotes rather than spending 30 minutes actually trying to find out what real qualifications WM has. Just because there are dots and they can be connected doesn't mean they form a meaningful pattern.

Anonymous said...

To 7:02pm - I'd just be happy knowing what she did for Plainfield, let alone what she is going to do for Hoboken.