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Monday, February 8, 2010

BREAKING: Robbery and shooting Sunday

A reader just alerted me there was a robbery and shooting Sunday evening. St. Mary's Avenue. Male victim shot in the buttocks. Two masked men, female get-away driver.

Will post more if it becomes available.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Even though last year had another drop in crime is the number low enough to satisfy the community. Each day we read about robberies in the City. Not robberies in the surrounding communities. With this in mind do the City leaders want to destroy the progress that the Police have made. What do you want status quo, increased crime or continued improvements in crime reduction. If you think you will get the improvements by demoting senior staff or cutting the Police Department ....think again. The errors of the administrations in finance as usual fall to the workers to bail them out.

Anonymous said...

I know that the murder rate was kept low specifically dur to the skills and knowledge of several police officers who kept some of these shooting victims alive until an ambulance could get here from Somerset Medical Center. Where is the council's recognition of this.

They need to give some of this money to the Plainfield Rescue Squad instead of funding some nonsense in the Plaza.

Dan said...

@ 10:28 AM -- To be fair, the Council can hardly acknowledge officers for their efforts if they aren't told of them by Director Hellwig. Or unless someone in PD contacts a council member (or the President) directly.

Anonymous said...

We the citizens of Plainfield are being robbed everyday by the Mayor!
She spends money that is not in the budget and we the TAX payers pay the price. Why did they elect her again? Most Employees get fired when they do not follow a budget and overspend,and when King's and Queen's did not please their citizens they were beheaded not rewarded for their actions. WHY ARE THE CITIZENS OF PLAINFIELD AND THE CITY COUNCIL allowing this to continue?