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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Smiley, Stender & Green to face off on Harvest Radio

One unexpected result of the Plainfield mayoral candidates' forum last Wednesday is a faceoff on Harvest Radio (1070 AM) between three candidates for the 22nd Legislative District's Assembly seats -- Rick Smiley and Jerry Green of Plainfield and Linda Stender of Fanwood.

Smiley, who had not received an invitation to the forum organized by the newly minted and Sharon-friendly Women For Progress in Plainfield, had challenged the sponsors as to why Linda Stender was not present and had not been invited to the forum.

Harvest Radio, Plainfield's only AM station, picked up on the oversight and invited all three candidates to appear on Monday afternoon's 4 PM talk show, where listeners can call in.

Smiley had pointedly noted that though he is viewed as running against Jerry Green since both are from Plainfield, the fact is that Assembly seats are at-large in the district, so technically he is running against both Stender and Green for one of the two seats.

Stender, though she was given the line by the Union County Democratic organization, has not campaigned, nor have I spotted any signs for her around the district. Jerry does, however, mention her name on his signs -- which are paid for by HIS campaign committee. (How this must gridge him!).

Meanwhile, word in the street is that Stender is not really interested in the Assembly seat at all and has been actively lobbying for an appointment to the Board of Public Utilities, which would protect her state pension.

-- Dan Damon

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