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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mapp gets threatening phone calls after candidate forum

Adrian Mapp shares a moment with activists Carol Bicket
and Dorothy Henry at Senior Center dedication.

Plainfield Councilor Adrian Mapp, running against Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs in the June 2 Democratic primary, told authorities on Friday that he had received two threatening phone calls after the Wednesday candidate forum held at the Plainfield Public Library.

In an email to the media Friday afternoon, Mapp says he alerted both Plainfield Public Safety Director Martin Hellwig and Union County Prosecutor Theodore Romankow.

Mapp continued, saying he thinks the language indulged in by Mayor Robinson-Briggs and Assemblyman Green may have encouraged the phone calls --

...[i]t saddens me that the kind of personal invective indulged in by Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs at Wednesday's candidate forum -- and by Assemblyman Jerry Green on his blog -- may have encouraged an unstable person to believe they are furthering the cause of Mayor Robinson-Briggs or Assemblyman Green with this sort of behavior.

Incidents like this underscore how important it is to keep campaign rhetoric focused on issues and facts, and not demagoguery.

I told the authorities that though I did not know the name of the person making the calls, I thought I recognized the voice and believed I could point the person out. I believe it to be the same individual who made disparaging remarks to me at the end of Wednesday’s candidates forum at the Plainfield Public Library...

It would be nice to know that neither the Mayor nor the Assemblyman condone such harassment.

-- Dan Damon

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