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Friday, May 15, 2009

Jerry confirms cop caper under investigation

Jerry Green has confirmed that a Plainfield police officer is under investigation.

I reported yesterday (see 'Will Mayor sweep cop caper under carpet?') that stories were circulating concerning the use by the officer of a Police Division van while on duty and in uniform to move personal belongings to a location in an adjoining community.

As usual with Green, however, one has to be careful in assessing what he says. Green writes in his blog, Jerry Green's Page, the following --
...[r]egarding the issue with the Plainfield Police officer, it is my understanding that the matter is under investigation. That being said, the officer will either be charged or cleared. No one is trying to sweep the matter under the rug. Nevertheless, if the evidence shows that the officer broke the law, then like anyone else, the consequences need to be applied to the officer. There are no double standards here...
Let it be known that Assemblyman Green is the FIRST ONE TO SUGGEST that the officer BROKE THE LAW.

In my humble opinion, and not being a lawyer myself, my guess is that the misdeed doesn't rise to the level of criminality. However, I could be wrong.

In any event, my concern is that there be no POLITICAL INTERFERENCE by the Mayor to avoid potential embarrassment while she is facing the Democratic primary on June 2.

While it may comfort some to see the Assemblyman write that, if necessary, 'consequences need to be applied to the officer'...and 'there are no double standards here', readers might also note that the Assemblyman does not call for a speedy resolution of the matter.

In which case, you might conclude it will be decided WHFO*.

*When Hell Freezes Over

-- Dan Damon

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Rob said...

Steal $15 worth of gas as a state, county or city employee and you go to jail and lose your job. Steal the services of a state, county or city office or position and you go to jail or lose your job. If you are a member of the State Assembly or Senate and get almost a million dollars in shady real estate dealings it's not so bad because you are sacrificing for the people and you need to be reimbursed for your service. I just wanted to get it correct. Thanks Jerry for reminding us that even the cops aren't on a high level as you and your co-criminals in the State Legislature. Talk about having the fox watch the hen house.

Anonymous said...

I hear that the fix is in on this one. Despite publicly announcing that this disgraceful cop is being investigated the talk is that he has an alibi in the form of the Police Director who gave him permission to use the van, on duty and in uniform. This captain will also be made the new executive officer in charge as soon as Sharon wins the primary. I hope June 2 is a reality check for them all.

Thanks Sharon! Now that crime is down 300% we can let all the cops go into the moving business!

Anonymous said...

Ask Jerry Green how he rewarded Officer Bernell, when Jerry Greens' son Jeron Green, the drug addict and alcoholic hit a tree on 08/16/08 and thought it was a deer because he was so intoxicated. Officer Bernell was at the scene, and instead of calling the Plainfield Police Department, he called Jerry Green who rewarded Officer Bernell by taking care of problems he had with other police officers at the Precinct. And up to this day Jeron Green still thinks he hit a deer instead of a tree.