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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mayoral campaigns: No shows, hot seats and signs

Just a brief update for Plainfielders following the developing mayoral primary race --


4th Ward candidate Bridget Rivers hosted a candidate meet-and-greet at her home earlier this week. Though Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs was a no-show, candidates Mapp, Brokaw-Boles and Cox attended. People who attended advised that the meeting was relatively low-keyed until 4th Ward residents began asking candidate Brokaw-Boles, who is also chair of the PMUA commissioners, about the agency's recent fee increases and other matters. Seems that upset over the agency reaches to all corners of the Queen City.


Harvest Radio had invited ALL the mayoral candidates for a talk-show with phone-ins this past Thursday afternoon, but only one candidate took advantage of the offer. The net result is that Adrian Mapp had a solo opportunity before the station's listenership. What candidate would give up the opportunity to be in front of an audience? Several, it seems.


Sign-spotting around town, I note that in addition to signs for Robinson-Briggs and Mapp (including Rick Smiley, who is running against Assemblyman Jerry Green in the primary), mayoral candidates Tom Turner and Martin Cox have a sprinkling around town. In the 4th Ward, there are signs for Bridget Rivers and Vera Greaves (who is on Sharon's signs). No signs in evidence yet for Bob Ferraro or Carol Ann Brokaw-Boles.


Shiloh's pastor, the Rev. Dr. Gerald Lamont Thomas, is offering the candidates an opportunity to be in a forum this coming Tuesday at 7 PM. Word has it that ALL BUT ONE of the candidates has responded they will be there. To find out who the missing one will be, you'll have to be there. Unless, of course, they read this and get their act together. Forum is Tuesday, May 12, 7 PM, Shiloh Baptist Church, 415 West 4th Street.
Things are beginning to get interesting.

-- Dan Damon

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Anonymous said...

This was not an open meet and greet for all candidates. This was one that was focused on 4th Ward issues and concerns. In all fairness, if I had formally invited Ms. Robinson-Briggs I am sure that she would have come if her schedule permitted. Thanks for allowing me to set the record straight.

Bridget Rivers, 4th Ward Candidate for Real Leadership