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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

'Rutherford' vs. Damon: Who's the real King of Fabrication?

Who is the real King of Fabrication?

Some Plainfield Today readers have asked what is the point of the attack on me over the weekend in David Rutherford's blog (see that post here).

Is it a pre-emptive strike as the April school board election races get under way?

After reading it through a couple of times, I am of the mind that David did not actually write the piece -- the style and the sleaziness just don't seem like the David Rutherford I thought I knew. So I am going to designate the unknown author as "Rutherford" in quotes, to indicate my suspicion that David was not its real author.

Apart from claiming I am the "King of Fabrication", reciting yet once again my arrest (most folks have moved on, so is this 'preaching to the choir'?), and accusing the Administration of my partner's hiring as the IT director of being patronage, there are other statements which can be challenged as "fabrications."

As for the IT position -- get a copy of the resumé and read it, "Rutherford". 'Nuf said.

Check out these fabrications by "Rutherford", to wit --

Charter Study Commission
"Rutherford" says Dan was appointed to the Charter Study Commission. Not true. See for yourself -- check the Commission's official web page (here), where you will find a list of the actual members, minutes of their meetings and the Commission's final report. Do your homework, "Rutherford"!

The Commissioner's names again, please?

Mapp Transition Team
"Rutherford" says Dan chaired Mayor Mapp's transition team. Not true. The image below of the cover of the report shows who the chairs actually were and what role Dan played. See the full Transition Report here.

So tell me again, who were the chairs?

Candidate Screening Committee
"Rutherford" claims prospective candidates for the 2016 Council line had to "pass through Dan" on the Screening Committee. Chairman Mapp appointed seven active Democrats -- of whom Dan was but one -- from all four wards. The committee followed a strict protocol in the interviews, asking all candidates the same questions and ranking each one's responses on a grid. The whole process was under the chairmanship of the unimpeachable Joylette Mills-Ransome. Truth be known, my rankings on all the prospective candidates were more charitable than my fellow committee members.
Library Board
"Rutherford" says unnamed persons "fought hard to keep Damon on the board after his transgressions (sic)". Again, not true. Having been an employee of the Plainfield Public Library before coming to City Hall under Mayor Al McWilliams, the mayor thought I brought a useful perspective to the Board. Upon my arrest, I submitted my resignation to the mayor, which he accepted as soon as he returned from a family funeral in Barbados. Gotcha again, "Rutherford"!
Arrested for having sex with a person 50 years his junior
So here "Rutherford" rewrites the law. My problem with the law was not the ages of the participants, or the act that was alleged. The issue was where the incident took place, which was in the Parking Authority's lot on West 4th Street. During a March snowstorm. At 8:30 PM, well after dark. There were no citizens on the street. The only ones involved were the arresting officers. All of this could have been learned from the police complaint. I subsequently stood before Judge Robinson-Gross and admitted my transgression (singular) and justice was meted out. I was embarrassed and ashamed. I apologized in court and to my colleagues. So, what exactly is "Rutherford"s point here?
Lack of good citizenship
"Rutherford" insists Dan has an "utter lack of citizenship". Who died and left "Rutherford" in charge of such matters? Isn't this a rather Trumpish attitude -- to malign those with whom one does not see eye to eye? Dangerous ground here, "Rutherford"!
Intentionally lies
"Rutherford" insists Dan "intentionally lies". This is an old canard, trotted out by every miscreant I have ever shined a light on. Dan isn't the only one that has done things he might be ashamed of, or embarrassed by. All 4,791 of Dan's blog posts, dating back to November 2005, are online for scrutinizing for lies and fabrications (including the ones concerning Councilor Brown's outbursts last Fall -- see here, here, and here). "Rutherford" should do a little homework and then point them out. Too lazy?
"Rutherford"s post is as fine an example of an ad hominem attack as has been seen around town for a few years (since the rash of anonymous flyers a couple of seasons ago, at least).

In the old days, it used to anonymous flyers snuck under the windshield wipers of cars in the City Hall parking lot. Now, it's done with blog posts. Just keeping up with the times!

So, after all this, who do you think the "King of Fabrication" really is?

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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