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Monday, March 28, 2016

(Board of Ed) Wilma Campbell puts your tax dollars to work -- in support of her re-election campaign

At East Second and Watchung, twin giant billboards . . .

On the left, paid for by you the taxpayer. . .

. . . and on the right, Wilma and Krew.

Plainfield's Board of Ed president Wilma Campbell is putting your tax dollars to work -- for her re-election campaign. And the evidence is right before your very eyes.

Take a look at the twin billboards over the Plainfield Donut Shop and Pete's Fish Market at East Second Street and Watchung Avenue.

There are two giant billboards, costing thousands of dollars, promoting -- Wilma Campbell and her team, and -- by sheer "coincidence" the property deal for the old National Starch headquarters that she wants to tout as an "accomplishment".

You paid for the billboard on the left -- with your tax dollars. Isn't it interesting that with the District facing a budget shortfall that threatens teacher layoffs and cuts in textbooks and school supplies, Wilma finds the money to pay for a billboard?

And it just "happens" to be next to her campaign billboard? With some experience in the business of renting billboards, I can tell you that each billboard has a location identifier. Your billboard goes up where you specify it. So, it's hardly an "accident" that Wilma's two billboards are next to each other -- one touting her "krew"  and the other boosting something she wants to take credit for.

I will leave aside for the moment the details on how this "$1 deal" is actually a theft from the city (see my previous post here).

I think it's time for Wilma to go -- along with these sleazy manipulations of taxpayer monies.

School Board elections are Tuesday, April 19, 2:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

Mark your calendars!

I'll be voting for the 8-6-4 Team: Lynn Anderson, Dorien Hurtt and Carmencita Pile, the team pledged to fix the mess with the schools.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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