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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Thanks for putting NJ Spotlight over the finish line

NJ Spotlight will be able to explore NJ immigration in depth.

The generosity of Plainfield Today readers helped push NJ Spotlight over its crowdfunding goal this past Tuesday.

In a post Wednesday, New Jersey's premier policy discussion website announced its $30,000 goal had been reached (actually, it was exceeded). See notice here. Because of the match, this means that NJ Spotlight will be getting $60,000 to fund the year-long project.

Titled "In The Shadow of Liberty", the project will make possible an in-depth exploration of the successes -- and challenges -- of New Jersey's immigrants.

Managing editor Lee Keough (a Plainfield resident) advises that they are on the lookout for stories, ideas and concerns from immigrants and about immigration.

Plainfielders included!

You may send along your thoughts on the subject to

And thanks again for your generous support.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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