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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

More on Councilor Tracey Brown's angry rant

Putting a nametag on Councilor Brown's rant.

I said yesterday (see here) I would post more on Plainfield City Council member Tracey Brown's angry rant to Mayor Mapp via text message.

Here, once again is Councilor Brown's text message to Mayor Mapp --

"Hello, Just discovered that you allowed one of the most successful coaches in the history of the Plfd. Rec. to be Fired after election.what a disgrace. I regret the day I talked city council members into voting yes for your appointment of Roni Taylor. She is the biggest disappointment to this city and the youth of this city since, well anyway. I have the gift of discernment, you allow her to treat people with total disrespect. She can smile and do evil to people that you approve. What a mistake I made. Because you have made her the untouchable golden child it will backfire, trust me. God will not allow evil to win. You said some horrible things about Bill in planning ,but when the people who support you disapproved you changed your mind and inconsiderately left council hanging. Well people who support Mr. Cathcart will also speak out, but they live on the other side of the tracks so I am sure their opinion does not faze you. I have set back an observed what I thought was corruption in your admin., always knew you were going to bless your supporters and family., but this is truly the straw. I do have the gift of discernment and instead of trying to get and prove your man made power, you need to ask  God to search your heart. Not looking for a response. What a disgrace."
And here are some questions that bother me --

Factfinding. I simply cannot comprehend that Councilor Brown flew off the handle without checking the facts of the matter. She did not call Mayor Mapp. She did not call Rec Superintendent Taylor. She took the word of Mr. Cathcart, who has an interest in portraying himself in the best light.

And then to claim the "gift of discernment" on top of it all. Without doing any checking out of the matter?

That seems to me to qualify as hubris or pride -- one of the seven deadly sins. I am reminded of a remark of St. Augustine: "It was pride that changed the angels into devils."

Good vs. evil. Turning policy disagreements (personnel matters -- whether the hiring of one person or declining to hire another) into matters of good vs. evil seems to me another manifestation of pride.

Placing these disagreements in the realm of good vs. evil is usurping God's role. Who are we -- any of us -- to do that?

Heavens to John Milton!

Other side of the tracks. Brown tries to put down Mayor Mapp by claiming Cathcart supporters -- who "live on the other side of the tracks" -- have opinions that do not faze him. But wait, Brown lives on the same side of the tracks as Mayor Mapp. What?!

How does such angry and taunting language help move Plainfield forward?

Or perhaps moving Plainfield forward is not Councilor Brown's goal?

Corruption. Brown has the nerve to say she sees corruption in the Mapp administration, yet has not spoken out publicly.

Just as she never spoke out publicly against the corruption of the Robinson-Briggs administration (think of the unnecessary bodyguards, or the $20,000 swindle for the Al Sharpton appearance, for instance).

I guess it all depends on whose ox is being gored.

Bless your supporters and family. What does this mean? Personnel decisions? Where was Councilor Brown when Robinson-Briggs hired crooks, incompetents and drunkards as top administrators? Or set up a Youth Commission (with a budget) turned over to a pal and her kids? Or made appointments to an Hispanic Affairs Commission that crashed and burned without comment?

Is this jealousy rearing its ugly head?

Another of the seven deadly sins.
Councilor Brown goes down a dangerous road when she views civil government through the lens of a struggle between good and evil. That is Manichaeism, a Persian religion, and not Christianity.

A minister of the true Gospel should know better.

And Brown wants to run for Mayor?

Gimme a break.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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