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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Mystery of PEA teachers' union shuffle clarified

Logo of the PEA, which represents about 1,000
teachers and other employees in the Plainfield schools.

For Plainfield Today readers who found the outline of events concerning the leadership of the Plainfield Education Association (PEA), the union which represents about 1,000 teachers and other employees in the Plainfield school district, I have some clarification.

The removal of former president Kathy Cardona was not directly connected to the election of a new president, though my reporting may not have made that clear (my post is here).

A letter currently being circulated by the union to its members clarifies the matter.

Cardona was removed from office by the union's Representative Council after missing three executive committee meetings. Upon her removal on March 17, the bylaws call for the vice president to become the acting president from that date until July 31, 2016 or until the next election results are certified.

That meant that VP Eric Jones assumed leadership of the union as of March 17, as acting president.

Coincidentally, the union elections were under way for new officers. The results were being counted as Cardona was being removed from office.

The results are now in, and Eric Jones has been elected the new President of the PEA.

The word is that Superintendent of Schools Anna Belin Pyles is still resisting the news.

But they have a saying about that, which Trekkie fans know well: Resistance is futile.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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