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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Is Councilor Brown telling the truth about the cancelled Youth Summit?

A reader forwarded me a screenshot of a Facebook post
by Councilor Tracey Brown made late Friday or early Saturday.

Sometime late Thursday or early Friday, Plainfield City Council member Tracey Brown posted the above to Facebook. The screen shot was forwarded to me by a reader.

Brown's assertion that the long-planned Youth Summit was "postponed" by Superintendent of Schools Anna Belin Pyles does not square with the report I was given (and posted about on Election Day, see here) that the school district's participation in the Youth Summit was withdrawn without explanation on the preceding day.

It was not within the Superintendent's prerogative to "postpone" the event, since the City is the party responsible for organizing (and funding) it.

The withdrawal of support for the Youth Summit meant that the City was left to a) find another venue on short notice, b) publicize same, and c) mobilize students to attend on another date.

It is the Superintendent (or the BOE president, who may have wanted the event cancelled) who has embarrassed herself by sacrificing the students' best interests for a momentary gain.

The notice above appeared in Mayor Mapp's
Friday email newsletter to residents.

Mayor Mapp has announced the Youth Summit's rescheduling (see above).

Would Brown's mischaracterization of the Youth Summit issue to put the District in a better light have anything to do with persistent rumors that she intends to run for mayor next go-round?

The questions on my mind are these: If Councilor Brown has already met with the Campbells to explore a run for the mayor's seat in 2017 as is rumored --
  • Why has she not told us she met with John and Wilma Campbell to discuss a run for the mayor's office? and

  • Will she abandon the Democratic party and run as a Republican?
I'm sure we'll be hearing more on this matter.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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