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Monday, November 2, 2015

Last minute Plainfield political intrigue

Hand-lettered sign at Leland Park advises
Campbell campaign event is "Post Poned".

As Plainfield rolls up to Tuesday's general election, here's a report on last minute political intrigue in the Queen City --
As you can see from the reader's photo at the top of the story, Baby John Campbell's campaign event slated for Sunday afternoon on school district property (Leland Park) was "poned".

It seems to be a new verb, but it's fine with me. Post poned. Pre poned. Corn poned. It's all good news.

Perhaps because of my blog post (here)? Or Mayor Mapp's strong response to the news (here)?

Or maybe because common sense prevailed?

Read on.
So, Saturday morning there was a hush-hush Board of Ed meeting.

What was discussed? The Campbell campaign event? Don't know.

Was it properly noticed and open to the public? Don't know.

Is it suspicious?

What do you think?
So, Assemblyman Jerry Green opened his "Democratic Headquarters" in the old bank building at Park and North Avenue that he used in last spring's failed primary contest.

Despite the Plainfield Dem Committee having a city headquarters at 617 Park Avenue.

And who is spotted hanging around Green's headquarters?

"Independent" candidate Norman Ortega and Robinson-Briggs buddy Carmen Salavarrieta.

There have been persistent rumors that Ortega and Campbell's campaigns have a Green-ish tinge.

Suspicions confirmed?
Meanwhile, another Green operative, Hattie Williams, organized a candidate forum at Richmond Towers for Wards 1/4 candidates Democrat Barry Goode and "independent" Norman Ortega.

A longtime Green wardheeler, Williams has been seen in the past advising residents how to vote on election day (and even going in the booth with some of them!).

Despite this type of shenanigans, Goode won the Richmond Towers vote fair and square in June's primary.

However, Williams, who is a Dem city committee member and technically owes her allegiance to the party chair -- Adrian Mapp -- all but openly endorsed Ortega at the forum.

Why am I not surprised?
It will come as no surprise that I am urging support for Cory Storch in Ward 2 and Barry Good in Wards 1/4. (Living in Ward 3, I can't vote for either one.)

It's time for us to get Plainfield moving ahead. That means breaking the hold of the obstructionists on the City Council.

Which is where you come in if you are a voter in those wards.
The polls are open tomorrow, Tuesday November 3, from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Cast your vote for Plainfield's future.

Cast your vote for Cory Storch and Barry Goode, Column B.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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