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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Campbells sacrifice students for campaign revenge

The Campbells have cancelled Board of Ed
participation in the upcoming Youth Summit,
punishing the young people.

Retribution by the Campbells for the embarrassment of having to cancel Baby John's campaign event slated for Plainfield public school property this past Sunday was swift, sure and misplaced.

Mayor Mapp was informed Monday that the Board of Education was withdrawing its support of the the "Youth Summit on Education and Employment" slated for Plainfield High School on November 13.

No explanation was given, but it is not hard to surmise that the Campbells (Wilma, who is Board of Ed president and husband John, a BOE member) were getting their revenge over the embarrassing incident with their son John's council campaign event.

This is punishing the kids as proxies in a dispute of which they are not even a part. And damaging their futures in the bargain.

This kill-the-hostages mentality is a sign of what we get with a Campbell-controlled school system.

Superintendent Anna Belin Pyles, by all accounts a decent person, must dance to the tune called by the Campbells.

Keep this in mind as you go to the polls today, and the next time you hear the Campbells justify some action by saying "it's for the children".

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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