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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Dust Bunnies: Toliver to PMUA, OPRA abuse, more

Dust bunnies may seem harmless, but cause people with allergies
great aggravation.

A few "dust bunnies" for today -- bits of news too small for a full post, found when cleaning up the Plainfield Today desk.

Toliver gets a gig. So, the buzz is that former PMUA commissioner and husband of First Ward Councilwoman Diane Toliver, Alex Toliver has a new gig at -- the PMUA. I am reminded of the last high-profile appointment to the solid waste agency, when the late Councilor Bob Ferraro, who had sued the city for creating the agency got a gig as an inspector, complete with a car for riding around. Don't know yet what Mr. Toliver's duties are.

OPRA abuse. A certain someone who often comes to the mike at Council meetings and has had a grudge against Recreation since the Robinson-Briggs crew got the heave-ho, has a stack of over a thousand pages of documents prepared in response to her OPRA request this past summer. It took many hours to prepare, for which the applicant was not billed. She has not coughed up the cash for the docs, so the cache sits waiting. OPRA abuse?

A Joe Black Baseball League twofer. I am told that the Joe Black League failed to report an incident at Milt Campbell Field this past summer when a parent jumped a referee. Though the parent was calmed down, it is said the referee threatened not to do any more games. However it was resolved, it was not reported the Recreation as rules require.

The other bit of news is that the season's trophies were ordered at a local supplier, but never picked up or paid for. Hardly any way to treat a small business, right?

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  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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