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Friday, October 30, 2015

Mayor Mapp responds to Campbell campaign event on school property

The flyer being circulated by the Campbell campaign
makes it clear this is a political campaign event.
Plainfield Mayor Adrian Mapp responded quickly Thursday upon learning of the a political event for council candidate John Campbell Jtr. planned to be held on school district property.

In an emailed
statement to the media on the inappropriate use of school property, Mayor Mapp wrote --
It has come to my attention that Republican John Campbell Jr., a close ally of Governor Chris Christie and a candidate for the Second Ward seat on the Plainfield City Council, is publicizing an event in support of his candidacy at Leland Park this Sunday afternoon. Leland Park is owned by the Plainfield Board of Education.

This is a complete violation of longstanding City and Board of Education policies regarding banning political campaigning on public property in the City of Plainfield.

Furthermore, the school district has apparently given permission for use of school property for this event. Therefore, in light of the above, I am calling on Plainfield School Superintendent Anna Belin Pyles to revoke that permission given this pre-existing and longstanding policy.

As for Mr. Campbell's supporters' failure to secure the necessary city permit for a public event at this location, I am instructing City Hall staff that the event is inappropriate and no permit is to be issued, in the event that an application is made.

It is my hope that the BOE will not violate any of its own policies or skirt any ethical standards by which the Board and the School Administration is bound.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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