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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Council gets a perfect score at special meeting

Patrick Torborg, developer of the proposed South Second Street project,
explains his proposal to the Council Monday evening.

After presentations on the proposed South Second Street and South Avenue redevelopment projects, Council got down to business with a perfect score of 39 unanimous votes on resolutions (two were withdrawn until the December meeting), and first readings on five ordinances -- including the PILOT for the South Avenue project.

Not that there weren't some painful moments -- the South Second Street property is a steal at $250,000 for 5 acres (the Park-Madison 4-acre parcel went for $1 million over fifteen years ago).

Councilor Gloria Taylor added un moment dramatique when she took a long pause on the South Avenue project before voting "yes".

And Councilors Diane Toliver and Vera Greaves got into a tiff over how clean downtown has become, with Toliver arguing it's pretty good and Greaves saying it's terrible.

I tend to side with Toliver on this one, though you can go downtown on Sunday after the stores close and find the trash barrels overflowing -- because the PMUA does not work on Sundays.

But that does not make Greaves right on the whole.

Municipal Clerk Municipal Clerk 'AJ' Jalloh's clever strategy of merging the double-header meeting into a single special meeting paid off nicely. Chairman of the Committee of the Whole Councilor Brown zipped along, asking if there was Council comment as she introduced each item. Thankfully, there was little.

Could this be a model of meetings to come?

Dream on.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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