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Thursday, September 13, 2012

ShotSpotter misses (another) shooting

The 500-block of West 3rd has been the site of numerous shootings
over the years.

Plainfield witnessed another shooting missed by ShotSpotter, I have been told.

Overnight Tuesday, a man was shot twice, in the hand and an arm, in the 500-block of West 3rd Street.

I am told by police that the shots were not picked up by the vaunted ShotSpotter technology. This follows the failure of ShotSpotter to identify a double shooting across from the Drake House in early August (see my post here). The city is paying $169,000 for a year's coverage, and the system was supposed to be up and operational July 1st. However, the wrinkles are evidently still being worked out (see my post on issues with ShotSpotter here).

The 500-block of West 3rd Street is where Hannah Atkins Playground faces West End Gardens. The block has been the site of repeated gun incidents over the years, and one would expect it to be precisely and correctly covered by the ShotSpotter technology.

Meanwhile, the cops also tell me that the victim, who apparently was targeted and whose wounds are not life-threatening, has refused to cooperate with authorities.

Reminds me that I read somewhere recently of a police department that routinely jails uncooperative victims in 'protective custody' until they decide to cooperate in the investigation.

Wasn't Plainfield.

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Bob said...

Thanks for the info, Dan. I hope the City Council is taking note. I'm glad we only rented this dog of a system. Let's put our money in more police and cameras at every playground and pool.

Anonymous said...

Dan, could you please clarify what is covered by the $169,000 fee for the Shotspotter system? Does that fee cover all Spotshotter charges to the city, including installation costs? I am not clear on whether installation costs are part of the fee or in addition to them.

Apart from cost issues and its operational performance, I contend there is no proof Shotspotter will reduce shootings, save lives, or increase the likelihood that a gunman is apprehended to justify its use. Just because technology exists, it doesn't mean it is useful.

Anonymous said...

If the victims will not cooperate with the police, they should move from Plainfield and go somewhere else. The lack of concern they display for their neighbors who can be victims of their silence is appalling. MOVE OUT!!!!