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Friday, September 7, 2012

School District scrambles as school year starts

Two items noted concerning the Plainfield Public Schools on the first day of classes.

First, I ran into an old friend who teaches at Plainfield High School ducking into a popular South Plainfield eatery on Park Avenue near the city line at lunchtime. Knowing it was the first day of classes, I kidded him about 'ducking out on the cafeteria offerings' to get 'real people food'.

He allowed as how the only reason he was eating out was that the project to install air conditioning in the cafeteria -- which has been ongoing throughout the summer -- is still not finished nor does anyone know when it will be.

Secondly, I heard from a Hubbard School parent that officials there were scrambling as of the beginning of the week to find two more teachers to fill slots before Thursday's opening day.

Note that the District is still functioning without an official head of Human Resources.

Brings to mind the old IBM slogan: Plan Ahead.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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olddoc said...

Don't forget that the BOE is a training ground for Councilmen and some Mayors. neistfi

Anonymous said...

Plainfield isn't in the bottom 10 of performing schools because of efficiency and caring.

Tell me, BOE, with a budget of $152,000,000. how much is left for education after you parsel out contracts?

Bob said...

It makes one wonder what my Beylen-Pyles did all summer. Maybe she collected her outrageous salary and relaxed instead of making sure this school year would run smoothly. Once again the people of Plainfield and their children have been shafted by the inept BOE.