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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hidden Plainfield: Chip Off The Old Block

The garage copies the home's style perfectly.

Today's Hidden Plainfield home caught my eye because of its miniaturized but perfectly matched detached single-car garage in the same blue stucco finish as the foursquare house.

Once the success of Henry Ford's Model A and Model T automobiles ensured that a car was within the reach of ordinary middle class families, pattern books began to include a stand-alone garage as part of the plans. You can see many of these still if you look carefully down the driveways as you pass by.

However many were subsequently replaced by larger structures as the narrow original garages became too tight for America's bigger and bigger cars.

At the time this home was built, probably in the 1920s, the thought of a two-car garage was an extravagance well beyond the limits of middle-class incomes.

Do you know where today's property is?

Answer tomorrow.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Not sure where this particular house is, but like you mentioned, it's so typical of houses that were built years ago with the garage all the way in the back of the lot. Unfortunately, some individuals on the Board of Adjustment feel that we should still be building garages the same as 100 years ago. An attached garage? Oh my!