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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dem rally the real McCoy

Plainfield Democrats turned out en masse for the rally opening the fall election season -- and the local party headquarters -- on a glorious late summer Saturday afternoon yesterday.

I admit to being somewhat skeptical of the 'central Jersey headquarters' hyped in the Courier's advance writeup of the event, but the lineup Assemblyman Jerry Green put together was all that he promised.

Maybe even more, as PolitickerNJ's Max Pizarro opined in his online review of the rally (see here).

Allowed by my PT coach to venture out publicly on my peg leg for the first time, I was warned to keep it to half an hour so as not to be sorry for it later, so I missed the high spot of Cory Booker's remarks (which Bernice did catch as she mentions in her post--
along with a photo of Booker and Green -- though she points out she did not 'attend' the rally -- see her post here).

Nevertheless, I got an earful from locals Freeholder Linda Carter, Councilors Rebecca Williams and Bridget Rivers (I was a little late for Adrian Mapp's remarks) and Board of Ed president Renata Hernandez. Then there were the big kahunas -- Congressman Rush Holt and Senator Bob Menendez spoke while I was there (Menendez reminding all that Rush Holt really IS a 'rocket scientist').

Green was resplendent in a campaign T-shirt with a spangly 'Obama' on the front and his own name on the back as he proudly emceed the event, which seemed to surprise him with how smoothly it was all going.

The other headliners must have spoken after I left -- including Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs, who called Mapp up to the stage for a big unity hug.

Look for Courier and Ledger coverage later (I spotted both photographers there).

Meanwhile, as far as I could tell, the rally was 'the real McCoy' -- taking into account Pizarro's thought that next year's Democratic contenders were duking it out in proxy yesterday while all rallying for President Obama's re-election.

The Hatfields and McCoys come later.

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Bob said...

I enjoyed the rally, but it could have waited for the next weekend so you didn't have the loud music across the street competing. Most of the speakers were good and Cory Booker was great. Sharon hugging Adrian Mapp was so contrived and sickening, but this is her last big event as mayor, so, there you are.

Anonymous said...

You could see the shock in Mapp's face as the mayor called him to the stage for her fakery. Instead of a hug she probably wanted to squeeze him to death but too many witnesses. Maybe Sharon is trying to show the Democrats that she can make nice and maybe Lesniak and Charlotte will find her a job when the term is over.

Anonymous said...

Did Vera really say "And to the Republicans for which it stands" when she said the pledge of alligence. Please say it ain't so!!!!!

Anonymous said...

. . . hugging from the front while the knife cuts through his back. Aaaagghh!!!

Anonymous said...

How can en elected official screw up the "Pledge of Allegiance?" Very embarrassing and this person not only represents our city but makes decisions that impact us all.