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Friday, September 14, 2012

Booker speaks at Dem HQ Saturday

Sign at corner of Supremo Market on East Front points to Dem HQ
on Roosevelt Avenue in background.

Though it has been unofficially open for weeks, Plainfield's Democrats will formally kick off the 2012 campaign season with a grand opening of its headquarters on Saturday afternoon.

Newark mayor Cory Booker -- who some think may challenge Chris Christie next year -- will be the keynote speaker.

Owing to the lack of alignment between Legislative and Congressional districts, the event will also be host to officials seldom, if ever, seen in Plainfield.

Assemblyman Upendra Chivukula is running against incumbent Leonard Lance for the Congressional seat which include much of the 22nd Legislative District -- though distinctly not Plainfield -- and will be present and speaking.

State Dem chair Assemblyman John Wisniewski will also be featured, as well as Sen. Barbara Buono -- who is also rumored to be interested in a run for the governorship.

The rented office is being styled as 'Central Jersey Democratic Headquarters', and will be the focus of Obama efforts in this area. (Though Obama's victory in NJ hardly seems in doubt, with an FDU/Public Mind poll today showing him leading Romney by 14 points.)

The Dem headquarters is in what was formerly the arts/ceramics studio of the Senior Center when it was located at 305 East Front and uses the same parking lot as before.

Speaking of parking, attendees will be well-advised to come early, as the two festivals in Lots 1 and 8 taking place at the same time will put public parking space at a premium.


3 - 5 PM

18 Roosevelt Avenue
(Behind Pollo Campero)

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

One would think this event would be big news in a local paper. So many leading Democrats appearing at a rally is the stuff of campaign season. I wonder if it will even be covered. Or do the editors think readers only want news about the best pizzerias? How about a contest to find the best political rally of this campaign season?

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you are going to report on the Democratic rally, so let me say it here: it was a great opportunity to see and hear the party candidates and leaders speak up for themselves, a Democratic Congress, and President Obama. These weren't policy speeches, but stump speeches meant to fire up the crowd. Something that struck me was the correlation between oratory and elective office. It seemed the better one spoke, the higher office held. Now I have problems with political waste, fraud, and corruption within the state, and Corey Booker stands against that, but on the important national issues, there is no question we need the Democrats to save us from the Republicans.

Anonymous said...

Plainfielders would go head over hills for a headline like "Queen City's Mayor gets a new pair of silver linked bracelet's and an all paid vacation, compliments of the Citizens of Plainfield, to the Islands of Rikers."