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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Today: Postal workers food drive; Library grounds cleanup

The StarFish crew. Front row (left to right), Lynda Stanbach, Edna Shanok, Kelly Cianciola;
Rear (left to right), Harry Mayer, Steven Danyo, Hugh Woodruff.
As they have every year since 1992, Plainfield postal workers are teaming up with Campbell's Soup to 'help stamp out hunger', collecting donations of food and delivering them to StarFish, Plainfield's local food pantry.

The event always happens on the second Saturday of May (today), according to Nancy Piwowar, one of the organizers of the Plainfield effort, as postal customers leave donations near their mailboxes in plastic bags.

StarFish is looking for canned goods of all kinds as well as nonperishable foods such pasta, cereal, etc.

Do it now, while you're thinking about.

The good folks at StarFish thank you!

Nancy Piwowar, postal worker and volunteer
holds up


Also taking place today -- this morning at 9:00 AM actually -- is a community cleanup of the Library grounds.

As Library users know, the hedges on the 8th and 9th Street sides of the building are 'magnets' for litter dropped by careless passersby, thrown from cars or just blown about by the wind.

Volunteers will meet on the steps in front of the Library entrance. Rakes, gloves, bags and water will be provided.

Every year this is a fun activity that draws an enthusiastic crowd who enjoy the light work and socializing. The effort is coordinated by Councilor Rebecca Wiliams.

Come on out!

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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