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Friday, May 4, 2012

Robinson-Briggs making war on Queen City Baseball League...again?

In 2010, QCBL youngsters made a personal appeal to Council for fairness.
If you thought that the contentiousness caused by Mayor Robinson-Briggs and the Recreation Division in making it difficult for the Queen City Baseball League to use the ballfields at Rock Avenue on an equitable basis had come to an end, you appear to be mistaken.

As the season gets under way, the City has demanded that the Queen City Baseball League supply it with the names of all volunteers and players. QCBL refused and has been denied a permit to play at the Rock Avenue fields. The QCBL has also been denied access to any city practice fields or the concession stand (where QCBL says the city uses its equipment without asking permission).

Sadly, this sounds like a re-run of a bad movie that we all have seen before.

This does not incline me to think very highly of Councilor Reid's insistence that if only the parties would sit down, everything could be worked out.

It appears that despite the good offices of Reid and the promises of Mr. Roland Mohammed that things could be 'worked out' -- they have not been.

Will the QCBL youngsters have to bring their case before the Council in person before they can be heard?

Isn't it a shame that with all the interest among our youngsters in playing baseball, and with all the taxpayer-funded recreation spaces and ballfields, Mayor Robinson-Briggs will not make room for two leagues to exist side by side?

Who exactly is being childish here and who adult?


I am told by a QCBL board member that the lawsuit by two former board members has been settled. After close to three years in litigation, no malfeasance, misappropriation or misuse of funds was found or proven. The board apologized for the manner of the two members' removal, though not for the removal itself and the case is closed.

So, the whisper campaign of hanky-panky with the League's money turns out to be groundless, which is more than can be said for money matters handled by Robinson-Briggs and her administration.

For more information about the Queen City Baseball League and to follow the news on use of the Rock Avenue fields, see the QCBL website here.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Wow. I thought this matter was settled. I guess the Recreation Division won't be satisfied until they are the only game in town. Where is the fairness and equality here?

Anonymous said...

That's right Sharon show the children how poorly adults can act. Show them that the issues of adultd supercede them. Thats right sharon be sure to build up their self esteem by tellling them that they are unimportant.

Anonymous said...

What is also missing is that in using ONLY names from the Black Baseball leagues, Muhammed is using the Recreation department to promote the racism which is part of The Nation of Islam's message. This is aimed at our youth.

Dan said...

@ 8:26 AM -- The issue here isn't what the Rec Division chooses to call its teams, it appears to be over whether Rec is playing fair with the keys to the ballfields.

The issue is not letting others form a league if they wish and use the public fields to play on.

I don't see how there can be a policy of excluding residents from the use of taxpayer-funded facilities because someone hasn't supplied a list of names, and that appears to be the heart of the (current) matter.

Bob said...

Sharon is a waste of flesh and doesn't deserve to be out mayor. If anyone would vote for her, they need their heads examined. I've known for years that the only person Sharon cares about is herself, so why are we surprised? Maybe because we thought she might care about kids more than herself, so we are wrong, but not as wrong as Shady Sharonda will ever by. I know she and her friends should never win another election.

Anonymous said...

The Recreation league is using Negro League team names which was a proud organization that was created because they were EXCLUDED from the other leagues that were made up of whites. Isn't it ironic the they are now trying their best for the last 3 years to exclude the QCBL from play. Those proud black men would be ashamed at how black leaders, the mayor and the superintendent now treat their own and children at that. Have they learned nothing??!! I am certainly ashamed.
And mr. muhammad need not come to the mike talking about can't we all just play together? I understand he tried to shoo away QCBL TBALLers (4-6 year olds) from playing on one of two fields at Hubbard School. Recreation was only using one. So when you see that kind of mentality, how do you listen to anything he has to say. Guess that's why he is such a strong supporter of the mayor..."birds of a feather..."

Anonymous said...

What a hateful bunch they are. Recreation won't give up their participant numbers to the Councikl or CBAC but they want a private nonprofit program to give up names of their children??!! What are they going to do with those names. Have the people who would handle those names been back ground checked? I know for a fact many of the employees for recreation have criminal back grounds. What is the law on such a request? Or is it a stall tactic to just keep messing with QCBL. Hey Dan Willliamson is still on the clock. Maybe he needs to render an opinion. But what QCBL really needs to do is go to the State Attorney General or Green Acres with the history of all the shananigans played on them. Surely this has got to be against the law. The mission of the recreation department is to serve all the residents of Plainfield not just their baseball league.

Anonymous said...

Recreation’s league uses names from the Negro League. This league was an organization that was formed because Black men could not play with the other leagues that were made up of whites. These proud Black men would be ashamed to witness what the black leaders, the mayor and rec. superintendent, are doing to this children’s league. Have they learned nothing from history? I know I am ashamed and saddened that our children have to look down to this. I say down because when one slithers you have to look down.

And mr. muhammad need not run to the mike to ask why they can’t play together. I understand he tried to shoo away QCBL TBallers (4-6 year olds) from playing on one of two fields at Hubbard School. Recreation only had one team practicing and he didn’t want those other children to play? That shows his real mentality about this whole issue. No wonder he is such a strong supporter of the mayor. She is just as backwards.

Anonymous said...

Who is recreation to try to demand the names of the children in this PRIVATE non- profit program? They won’t even give up their program numbers to the City Council and CBAC. I know for a fact that recreation hires people with criminal backgrounds. Have they been checked and approved to work? Who would be looking at the names? Why do they want them when it has never been asked by any other program just to get a permit? QCBL needs to go straight to the Attorney General or Green Acres to see if all the shenanigans used against them is legal since the Council seems to be unable to do anything. After three years of all their nonsense it ought to be against the law. Recreation is supposed to serve all the residents of Plainfield not just their own baseball league. But what I really believe is this is just another stall tactic to keep messing with QCBL or a way to try to recruit more kids because they don’t have enough of their own.

Anonymous said...

Simple question - where in statute is it stated that this list is a requirement of receiving a permit to use the TAXPAYER FUNDED facilities?

I urge our council members to ask that question tomorrow. I guarantee it is not ANYWHERE in Plainfield's charter.

Anonymous said...

It is true that a man (didn't know who he was) tried to shoo away the Queen City T-ball players from one of the fields at Hubbard school.

I am not surprised at the City's tomfoolery. An attitude of ignorance is clearly evidenced through the people who are in power, from the Mayor on down. A shame that the two leagues cannot co-exist. There are so many fields in Plainfield to be used!