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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lost Lhasa found on Prospect Avenue

Friendly fellow found on Prospect Avenue needs to be reunited with his family.
Plainfielders' help needed with getting lost dog back to his rightful home. See email just received below --

Subj: FOUND: White Unneutered male Lhasa Apso (?) on Prospect Avenue
Dear all,
[Saturday evening], MaryEllen found an unneutered male Lhasa Apso (we think) on Prospect, between Kensington and Hillside.  
He has good teeth, his ears were slightly irritated, and he was very dirty.    Nonetheless, he is very very friendly and did quite well while we bathed him. Not a peep out of him.  Also, he was on the thin side, but nothing out of the ordinary.
Please contact or (973) 868-5939  if you know or think you know to whom this little boy belongs.
We're calling him Cannoli for now.
Hope someone knows how to get 'Cannoli' back with his family.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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