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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Questions about new PIO's residency, use of city car

One of Mayor Robinson-Briggs' favorite self-images is as 'Lady Bountiful'.
Evidently, the discussion on the city's residency requirements precipitated at the recent Council agenda session owes to the fact that Mayor Robinson-Briggs' new Public Information Officer, Terry West, lives in Trenton and is commuting.

As the position is not one of the department heads, one would expect Mr. West to live up to the conditions in the City's special charter and move to Plainfield -- as former City Administrator Norton Bonaparte and others before him have done.

But more interesting is that Mayor Robinson-Briggs, in her role as 'Lady Bountiful', is said to have personally given Mr. West permission to use a city vehicle and take it home overnight.

That would be in direct contravention of the requirement that only the City Council can authorize assignment of a vehicle and overnight privileges.

One more stick of kindling placed by the Mayor on her own pyre.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

I have seen the Mayor's husband driving around her City vehicle without her. Is that allowed? It is crazy that the taxpayers have to pay all this.

Joan Van Pelt said...

I live by the rules and the law. Is it too much to expect that others, especially those whose salaries I pay, will do likewise?

Bob said...

This mayor is not the public's worst enemy, but she is her own worst enema, oops, enemy. Keep going Sharon. Maybe those idiots who still want to vote for you will see the light. Unless you want to give that to someone else.

Anonymous said...

So what is the rest of the story now that this act of malfeasance has been uncovered? Will the vehicle continue to be used in wilful disregard of the city charter and all that that implies?Or did Her Honor say she will rescind her permission and Mr. West say he will make reimbursement and no longer use the city vehicle for commuting? How nice it would be to see a mistake acknowledged and a problem easily solved.

Anonymous said...

C'mon - Get Real - The use of a City car by the PIO constitutes and emergency. After all, you never know when her highness has a photo-op and the PIO has to travel from his out of town residence to get there. And because her highness deems this to be an emergency, she does not need Councils approval.