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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Netherwood Station spruced up by as-yet-unnamed garden club

Plainfield's Netherwood Station was recently spruced up... a group of volunteers honchoed by reader Libby Price (at right).
Plainfield's Netherwood Station was recently spruced up by a group of volunteers coordinated by reader Libby Price. who styles them the 'as-yet-unnamed garden club'.

Herewith, some pictures of the group's Saturday morning spent at Netherwood (while hubbie Peter slept). There is an online photo album which can be viewed as a slideshow here.

I suggested the group might draw inspiration for a name from the late Anne Louise Davis (longtime Library champion, after whom the Meeting Room is named), who commuted daily from Netherwood to her publishing job in New York City. In the early 1950s, Anne Louise took on the boys-only bar car crowd and became the first woman to be served a drink (well-earned, I am sure) on the afternoon run of the 'Banker's Express' to Netherwood Station.

Perhaps the group could adopt the name of one of her favorite drinks, the Sidecar?

If you are interested in helping the group on a future foray, drop Libby a line at

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