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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mayor Robinson-Briggs secretly backing Abdul-Haqq?

A lot of homes in the Mayor's neighborhood sport lawn signs for her pastor,
PMUA commissioner Rev. Tracey Brown and challenger Rasheed Abdul-Haqq.
Plainfield politics can be exceedingly strange.

When the youth baseball season got under way a couple of weeks ago, I was told an odd story by someone who was there.

Seems this person saw Mayor Robinson-Briggs and Councilor Bridget Rivers huddled on the sidelines as the affair was about to begin. The mayor was trying to reach her pastor, the Rev. Tracey Brown, who is also a candidate for the citywide at-large seat to remind her to come to the baseball season's opening. She was unable to reach Rev. Brown and the mayor's pastor did not make the opening game.

What I was told next seemed so strange I refused to believe it: that Mayor Robinson-Briggs and Councilor Rivers both had Abdul-Haqq campaign literature and quickly put it away when others seemed to notice.

I just thought that was weird.

Though it is widely known that Mayor Robinson-Briggs is hardly friendly with the Party's nominee for the Ward 3 seat, incumbent Councilor Adrian Mapp, I didn't think it likely that Her Honor would go into open revolt against Chairman Green's candidate.

That was before I happened to ride through Robinson-Briggs' neighborhood this afternoon. I was struck by the number of homes on Central Avenue and along Pemberton Avenue and the nearby side streets that displayed signs for the Mayor's pastor and PMUA commissioner, Rev. Tracey Brown, and the distinctive lawn signs of Abdul-Haqq.

So is Robinson-Briggs playing a coy game of sabotaging the party's own candidate?

If so, what's in it for her, just spite?

And will Chairman Green let her get away with it?

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...


It seems people have yet to realize the links between city hall and the district. If people don't wake up elections will be a surprise only to those who have not been paying close attention to these two entities' leadership and who backs them up.

Anonymous said...

Dan I remember another Mayor going against incumbant party favorites a few years back.It was the begining of the New Democrats!

Anonymous said...

Class acts!

When you have people running the city who have no grace, no class, and no civility, this is what you get. Plainfield will continue to be a low class town, while low class people are in charge.

Anonymous said...

Al McWilliams did the same thing. i didn't see you blogging about that.

Stop the maddness Dan. This is a free country and the Mayor have the right to VOTE and SUPPORT whom ever she wants.

Bob said...

Shady Sharonda strikes again! Why would we be surprised and why would anyone vote for Tracey Brown, when she is so cuddly with our mayor. Most people are totally fed up with Sharon, so sidling up to her doesn't seem like a very good polical move. Even Jerry Green has backed away from this albatross.

Anonymous said...

Dan Why haven't you posted my comment about the late Al NcWilliams you really need to be fair in your bloging and post everyones comments even if you don't like them

Anonymous said...

Chairmen Jerry Green attended a fundraiser for Tracy Brown at the Spain Inn. Low in behold the chicken and fish frying Campbells was there with their canidate Rasheed Abdul-Houck.

Who is the Assemblymen Green really supporting? Is he supporting Abdul-Houck? Lets have the County to do the research.

I was there also just to be noisey. I was shocked to see all the Love affair going on in the room.

Dan said...

@ 7:00 AM (and 8:49 AM) -- Don't be so impatient. Your comment is posted,but if you really want people to pay attention, you should give chapter and verse.

Anonymous said...

Yes politicians do make strange bedfellows, especial when they are self-serving and we have their supporters helping them along with fabrications to further their goals. I believe the voters in Plainfield are sick and tired of the lies and scammers that continue to support some of our local political leaders in hopes of getting them re-elected. As far as the Mayor allegedly supporting Haqq, who started this untruth? Just because you see several sings on the same street the Mayor lives does not mean she is a Haqq supporter and if she was doing so in secret, then what kind of secret is it when everyone is blogging about it? I see several Mapp signs on my street but he certainly doesn’t have my vote. I think that we all need to stop trying to mislead the public to show favor over one candidate and let each stand on their own merit. If you don’t like or endorse a candidate then don’t start spreading lies to fool the voting public. We all know where the Mayors loyalty lies and it certainly isn’t with someone like Haqq that clearly opposes the puppet master. The only person I think the Mayor has come out publicly for is her spiritual leader (Brown) and that is her choice. We should not assume anything else. Three of my neighbors has Tracy Brown signs on their lawn but she doesn’t have my support. On another note, Anna McWilliams has truly turned out to be a big disappointment. She certainly has talked the talked but has made no notable or sufficient contributions to Plainfield since being elected. So when we start blogging about our upcoming election, let’s be honest and accurate in our post.