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Friday, November 19, 2010

Two anti-violence events in Plainfield this weekend

Sign at Cadogan memorial by People's Organization for Progress.

Plainfielders will have two opportunities on Saturday to express their concerns about violence in the community and suggestions about ways to deal with it.

Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs is organizing an 'emergency summit' according to a report on the Courier's Plainfield microsite (see here), set for 2:00 PM at Calvary Baptist Church, West 4th Street and Monroe Avenue. The mayor envisions the meeting to be essentially run by city youth, though officials have been invited to speak.

The People's Organization for Progress will hold an anti-violence rally at the site of the Spencer Cadogan memorial on West Front Street near Clinton Avenue from 3:00 - 4:30 PM.

Both Bernice (see here) and Maria (see here) comment today on anti-gun efforts.

Maria uncovers the fact that Mayor Robinson-Briggs has signed on with the Mayors Against Illegal Guns Coalition (see here).

This is the group started a couple of years ago by New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg. Every news item
in the NY metro media about this group since its inception has been duly included in the daily CLIPS links, along with comment noting that Mayor Robinson-Briggs (to that date) was not a participant.

So, the mayor goes and signs on and doesn't find it newsworthy? Leaving it for a blogger to uncover?

Only in Plainfield.

Memorial to Spencer Cadogan at site of slaying.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Again I asks, would the Council members feel SAFE walking to that memorial on Clinton? I am even guessing with all the sagging pants hanging out there it is scaring away cutomers [has the Mayor ever eaten there ?]

Bob said...

Our mayor and city council members probably never shop in our crummy down town or ever drive through many of Plainfield's neighborhoods. If they did they would notice problems that need attention and see what a horrible job some of their underlings have done.

Did you notice that we have another bar on East 5th near Roosevelt? Just what we

Anonymous said...

17 years old and bringing bottles of liquor for his memorial?

Rob said...

Soooooo...the bloggers are BAD PEOPLE ( you included Dan ) when they point out the daily bumbling and gaffes by Mayor Tweedle Dee and Assistant Mayor Tweedle Dummer...yet leave it to bloggers to put out the good news or even slightly positive news...will the confusion surrounding the daily SOP of this administration ever end??? ( not a real question, I mean, we all know the answer to that )

Anonymous said...

Mayor Byrne in chicago years ago moved into the projects to see what it was like. Who nowadays has the courage to do that? Just blame it on the Narc for not stopping crime, not the people who do crime in our hoods.

Anonymous said...

No one said nothing about the bar when it was the open fifth now thats it's a latin bar someone has an issue with it?

Anonymous said...

Problem with Plainfield - no one looks at the big picture and has the courage to do what is needed.

Our police are not gods. I would say that the majority of them do barely what they need to. Most do not live in Plainfield, which says alot about their investment in making sure crime is contained.

We need to get the police in shape (some have had too many donuts), and get them walking in pairs on the street. I don't care what anyone says, when you see police, even if you are a criminal, you go the other way to commit the crime. More police visible on the streets of Plainfield, the low lifes will have to move out.

And how about parents being responsible for their children's actions. your 14 year old comes home with $100 sneakers on, and hands you money - don't you think there is something wrong here?