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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Four months in the works, CFO nearly on tap

Was Plainfield Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs going to make the state-mandated deadline for appointing a Certified Municipal Finance Officer as CFO for the city?

The question has been on folks' minds a lot since the state dropped the hammer late last month that Her Honor would face a $25-a -day fine for missing the new, final, final, final, really FINAL deadline.

Turns out, I discovered recently, that the Mayor has been diddling with her nominee, Ron Zilinksi, for four months.

Zilinski, retiring from the same position as Trenton's CFO, was rumored to be close to accepting an offer from Robinson-Briggs when Trenton counter-offered and he decided to stay.

Now, however, with retirement set, he is free to come to Plainfield.

Except that state law precludes him taking up CFO duties until at least a month after formal retirement, and then -- as with all retirees taking up government jobs after retiring -- Zilinski will have to have a different job title.

That will be City Treasurer, a job description Plainfield has never previously had, and which will have to be enshrined by ordinance.

Though sticklers would point out the state doesn't allow people to do essentially the same job as the one from which they retired, I think it is reasonable to assume that the DCA is willing to bend waaaaay over backwards to have Plainfield off its hands. Including a written waiver, if necessary.

No matter the fine points of the rules.

Meanwhile, Mayor Robinson-Briggs lurches from one crisis to the next.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

This is exactly why New Jersey is in the mess it is in. And will the new whatever now collect 2 full pensions? Sinful - and how ineffective and inefficient of the mayor. She is the biggest loser.

Bob said...

I can't wait until Shady Sharon finishes this term or the Feds or State do a forensic audit and lock her up. She definitely needs to be out of here, as she has only been bad news for Plainfield.

Anonymous said...

i bet anne mcwilliams runs for mayor

Rob said...

Lurches toward the next crisis ??? Dan..please..Glaciers have more dramatic and pronounced movements.

Anonymous said...

Taken from the NJ PERS Website -

If you are retired, accept regular employment in a position covered by the PERS, work at least the minimum hours per week required for PERS enrollment and earn an aggregate annual salary of more than $15,000, you must reenroll in the PERS as a condition of that employment If reenrolled, your retirement allowance and any
related health benefits will be canceled for the duration of your employment. If you die while in the second membership, no benefits from the previous membership or retirement are payable (except for
the return of any uncollected contributions). This includes optional settlements and death benefits.

Anonymous said...

Part time?

Now all of a sudden part-time CFO is OK? I hear he will not even show up for work until April but will still get paid.

The politicians are scared of the $25 fine. I suspect they would even OK a gorilla (not saying the appointee is) to come in become CFO to save thier hides.

Bet this gets a unanimous vote from the Council this time.


Anonymous said...

Bet Mapp runs for Mayor.

YEP I SAID IT! said...

After this so called mayor -Plainfield will need a MAPP for the future of Plainfield.

RECALL coming soon!!! But not soon enough.