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Thursday, November 4, 2010

OSHA Warning: Plainfield Today is 5, running with pointy stick!

Plainfield Today turned five years old yesterday, while I wasn't watching.

The blog was begun in 2005, while I was the city's public information officer, in a fit of pique over being unable to get the Courier or the Ledger to pick up on a story -- Plainfield's first-ever online auction of short-term notes on Thursday, November 3, 2005 (the first post is here).

First post on Plainfield Today, 11/03/2005.

The auction was successful (the BANs were bought by the investment arm of the Church of the Latter Day Saints), and raised the funds for (among other things) the proposed Senior Center.

Though Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs declined to use the bond issue for construction of the Senior Center -- she had a developer who was 'giving' us the center for $1 -- her Administration recently showed interest in using the money for the gunshot-spotting technology proposal. That item was tabled after the accountants briefed the city on the dire state of its finances.

In that first month alone, I posted 18 items of news and events involving the city of Plainfield.

Sad to say, the record has never been matched by Her Honor's various publicity folks ever since.

To date, I have written 2,487 posts (expect to hit 2,500 this month) for Plainfield Today. At an average of 400 words per post, that is nearly 1,000,000 words spilt about Plainfield.

And there is still plenty of interest to write about; Plainfield is truly a gift that never stops giving.

If you're interested, the graphic below lists the first month's posts -- you can see the variety of 'good news' stories that can be generated by the Administration if it wants to.

NOTE: Neither Bernice nor Mark Spivey were the reporters in question. And ironically, if today's conditions were to apply, Mark would have taken my press release and put it on the Courier's new 'microsite', thereby removing the provocation that got me to blogging in the first place. Much to the regret of those who think it has been regrettable since Day One.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Blackdog said...

I was watching a show called Who the Bleep Did I Marry last night about a woman in Ga who married several soldiers, it was entitled,"Not the Only One"!
Next thing you know, we are taken into the United National Bank building for some interior shots and then the Park in South Plainfield with all the ducks, for some exterior shots!
I wasn't aware of any movie or tv filming being done in town.

Bob said...

Thank you Dan for such outstanding work. I wish you many more years.

Rob said...

Much to the chagrin of the Sharon Or Die Crowd...Congratulations.